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Radioactivity Testing

Ensuring Safety with Auriga Research’s Comprehensive Radioactivity Testing Services

Radioactivity Testing
Radioactivity Testing Service

Today, in an era where we are surrounded by a myriad of substances, it has become imperative to ensure the safety and purity of the elements that are a part of our daily life. Water, food, and the environment are the foundational elements of our existence, and ensuring their purity is essential. At Auriga Research, we have dedicated ourselves to this endeavor with our comprehensive radioactivity testing services.

The Necessity of Radioactivity Testing

Radioactive materials are a part of our natural environment. They exist in soil, water, and air, and also in man-made objects like power plants, medical facilities, and even consumer products. While a certain level of radiation is normal, exposure to high levels can be detrimental to human health. Prolonged exposure can lead to serious health issues such as cancer and genetic damage. This makes radioactivity testing a crucial aspect of ensuring safety in our everyday lives.

Auriga Research’s Radioactivity Testing Services

Auriga Research offers a comprehensive range of radioactivity testing services. Our services are designed to ensure the safety of water, food, and environmental samples by detecting the presence of radioactive materials like uranium, strontium, and other radioactive species.

Water Radioactivity Testing

Water radioactivity testing
Water radioactivity testing


  • Our water testing services meet international standards. We customize our Radioactivity testing methods to meet customer requirements.
  • We use multiple testing methods for accurate results.
  • Our commitment to using various testing methods ensures comprehensive testing services for our clients to make informed decisions about their water quality.
  • We test for total alpha and beta emitters in water, which are the two main types of radiation emitted by radioactive substances. The alpha particles are heavy and can be stopped by a sheet of paper or skin, but if ingested, they can cause harm. Beta particles are lighter and can penetrate the skin, which makes them more dangerous.
  • With the rise in the use of groundwater, it has become crucial to test for radioactive materials like uranium. Uranium, being a heavy metal, can be harmful if ingested over a prolonged period. It can cause kidney damage and increase the risk of cancer.

Methods we Use

These methods play crucial roles in radiation analysis and environmental monitoring across different sectors, ensuring safety, compliance, and protection of public health and the environment;

  • IS 14194 (Part 1): Method for Gross Beta Activity Testing – Widely used in various industries for analyzing samples for gross beta activity, helping assess radiation levels and potential hazards.
  • IS 14194 (Part 2): Method for Gross Alpha Activity Testing – Employed in environmental monitoring to determine gross alpha activity, aiding in the evaluation of radiation sources and potential risks.
  • IS 10500:2012: Comprehensive Testing for Alpha, Beta, and Uranium – Utilized for testing alpha and beta radiation as well as uranium levels, ensuring compliance with quality standards in water and other relevant products.
  • BARC/2008/E/023: Analysis of Cesium-137, Cesium-134, and Strontium-90 –  to analyze cesium-137 (CS 137), cesium-134 (CS 134), and strontium-90 (Sr 90) in various products, enabling accurate identification of radioactive contamination.
  • EPA 9310: Testing Gross Alpha and Beta Activity in Surface and Groundwater – Implemented by environmental agencies and laboratories to measure gross alpha and beta activity in surface and groundwater samples, aiding in the assessment of overall water quality and potential radiation hazards.

Food and Environmental Radioactivity Testing

The importance of testing food and environmental samples for radioactive materials cannot be overstated. Radioactive materials, once released into the environment, can enter the food chain and eventually make their way into the human body.

Our testing services use a gamma spectrometer, a highly sensitive device that can detect the presence of radioactive materials in various samples. The gamma spectrometer can identify and quantify different radioactive species, providing a comprehensive understanding of the radioactivity levels in a sample.

The Auriga Research Advantage

At Auriga Research, we are committed to providing reliable and accurate testing services. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the safety and purity of your samples. Our state-of-the-art laboratories are equipped with advanced technology and adhere to stringent quality control measures.

When it comes to radioactivity testing, trust Auriga Research to provide you with accurate, reliable, and comprehensive results. Our commitment to excellence and our dedication to ensuring safety make us the right choice for all your radioactivity testing needs. We believe that through our services, we can help create a safer, healthier world for everyone.

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