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We offer a comprehensive array of contract research and testing services to the medical device industry. Our team of professionals backed by state-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure and two NABL accredited laboratories has been working closely with leading players in the medical device industry.

Medical Device

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  • Our Medical Device Testing Services ensures safety of using the instrument on patients for its particular application. 
  • We provide Medical Device Stability Testing for regulatory approval.
  • Ensure hassle free audits with our testing facilities. 
  • We offer you a complete solution for all your medical device testing requirements.
  • Our scientists and experts analyze medical device components for chemical and physical analysis, and support all stages of the medical device research engineering processes from design to trials to the manufacturing process.

Pharmaceutical finished product testing lab

Featured Services

Our laboratories are fully equipped with avant-garde equipment to test for heavy metals in Herbal Products.  We analyze the concentration of heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, arsenic, mercury and copper that are detected using ICP-MS.

As per the national regulations it is mandatory for packaged goods and cosmetics that are imported into the country to be correctly labeled.  The labels on the packaged goods must include all the required information and MRP should also be mentioned with essential details. 

We provide a variety of physical and chemical characterization methods for metal alloys and non-metal materials, including tensile and hardness, material fatigue testing, static and fatigue product testing, Chemical analysis, Corrosion testing etc.

We routinely evaluate manufactured medical devices and verify mechanical properties of samples and materials.  We analyze the performance of materials and mechanical properties such as fatigue and fracture toughness.


Microbiological Test

We provide services such as microbiological testing like BET, sterility and Bioburden to test for the presence and risk of microbial contaminants. Methods may include testing of bioburden levels, presence of endotoxin, and methods for sterility assurance.

Bacterial Endotoxin Test

All pharmaceutical products have to be free of any contamination or toxins. Otherwise, they can create severe problems as soon as they come into contact with human bodies. That is why the bacterial endotoxin test is conducted on these products. The testing ensures that the device can be used on patients without any worry, and it will not cause any problem..

Our Approvals and Accreditation

Our laboratories are approved and accredited by NABL ISO and FDA  to give authenticity to your business and ensure accuracy quality and safety of Medical Device products.

fda approvad

Major Equipment

We are equipped with avant-garde equipment such Tensile Tester, Leak Test Apparatus, Dead Weight Micrometer , Vernier Scale Caliper and many more to provide you with accurate results.

tensile testing medical device
Tensile Tester

Our laboratories are equipped with a tensile testing machine. It includes test fixtures, high low temperature chambers, furnaces, and tensile grips. It performs the most fundamental type of mechanical testing .

leak test apparatus

Leak Test Apparatus

We use HPTLC for identification and quantitative analysis of almost all marker compounds in herbal drugs. It saves ample time as different drugs are analyzed on the same plate.

Dead Weight Micrometer

Dead Weight Micrometer

It is used for rapid and accurate measurement of thickness of paper, board and plastics. The thickness of a sheet is measured as the distance between two circular plane surfaces under a steady pressure.

Vernier Scale Caliper

Vernier Scale Caliper

It measures inside outside step and depth dimensions with exceptional accuracy where high precision is a necessity. Vernier calipers are widely used in scientific laboratories and in manufacturing for quality control measurements.

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