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Shelf Life Testing

Shelf Life Studies
Shelf Life Studies

Almost everyone must have noticed the ‘best before,’ ‘mfg date,’ and the ‘expiry date’ on their products. However, do you know how brands or manufacturers actually come up with these dates?

Well, this is where shelf life testing helps the operators to find out and mention the shelf life of the product on labelling for customer information. Let’s understand what this testing is about. 

What Is Shelf Life Study?

Under shelf life analysis, a number of tests get conducted on the given products to examine how they change with time and other environmental factors. These tests include chemical, sensory, analytical, and microbiological testing.

They focus on different product aspects like its ingredients, packaging, processing, and conditions where it gets stored. Hence, the effect of each of these factors is observed on the product. 

The shelf life study report is based on the specific type and quantity of these factors. In case any of these aspects are changed in type or quantity, the shelf life study has to be conducted again.

For example, you will have to opt for another shelf life test if you change the packaging of your product because its life-cycle will get affected by this change.

Importance of Shelf Life Analysis

Shelf life studies play a critical role in the development of new products. They are not only important for meeting the regulatory requirements of labelling the product with an expiry date, best before date, et cetera but play a much larger role in the product quality life-cycle.

Properly conducted shelf life studies ensure that the product quality will be maintained throughout the product life-cycle and greatly reduces the chances of customer complaints related to quality.

Thus, shelf life studies help establish the product as a quality product in the market and greatly strengthen the product’s brand value. Plus, customers will know for how long they can use the product and will not end up creating a problem for themselves by using the product after its shelf life when it gets spoilt. 

The testing is not limited to shelf life study of food or edible products. These are done on a range of products that belong to industries like:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical
  • Herbal
  • Home Care
  • Nutraceuticals


Types of Testing Involved in Shelf Life Analysis

As the process can range from shelf life study of food products to cosmetic products, different tests are to be involved for individual cases. You have to contact a reliable laboratory to know what kinds of tests your products will go through based on their type and other factors like storage conditions.

Only the experts can guide you on this. Moreover, you should remember that conducting the correct kind of tests is exceptionally vital for achieving the appropriate results. 

Our Shelf Life Testing Services

We at Arbro have been conducting shelf life studies for various industries including

1. Pharmaceutical products
2. Food products
3. Cosmetic products
4. Home care products
5. Medical devices
6. Herbal medicines
7. Nutraceuticals
8. Ready to eat foods or ingredients in restaurants and fast food chains

We offer a single point solution for conducting stability studies for shelf life estimation. Our team of experts will help you in developing the study protocols and carry out the various steps of conducting the shelf life study, including –

1. Review of relevant regulatory guidelines.
2. Protocol development
3. Explaining in discussing the protocol with your team prior to approval.
4. Finalising the parameters to be tested in each of the products, considering the regulatory requirement for carrying out shelf life study for those products
5. Calculating the sample quantity to be put on the shelf life study
6. Initial analysis of the product before starting the shelf life study
7. Deciding the sampling points and storage conditions based on the nature of product and its intended use
8. Storage of the product during the shelf life study
9. Sampling as per the sampling plan
10. Analysis of the sample as per the sampling plan on predetermined time points
11. Regular updates to you on the progress of the shelf life study
12. Compilation of the stability study reports
13. Calculation for establishing the shelf life and the final conclusion of the shelf life study

We use special web-based stability management software so that your team is fully aware of all the activities and can access all the project related communication and documentation in one place.

We can work with you to carry out the entire projects as a turnkey project, or we can support you on specific portions like sample storage, sample analysis or final reporting based on your requirements.

Therefore, you will get a complete solution for all your shelf life study requirements under one roof. For any queries or to get your products tested for their shelf life, you can contact us through the given ‘Quick Query’ form.

You can also reach us by phone: +91-11-45754575. Our experts will provide you with complete assistance in developing a study protocol and giving you a financial proposal for the same.

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