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Milk Testing Lab in Delhi, Bangalore India


Milk Testing
Milk Testing

Milk is one of the most consumed food items across cultures as it contains all the micronutrients needed for our optimal growth.

However, similar to other food items, milk too gets adulterated raising a question on its purity.

Different milk tests for adulteration conducted across the nation indicate that the problem of milk adulteration is quite common and starts quite early in the dairy chain.

To create good-quality dairy products that are healthy for consumption, it’s imperative that the milk being used is hygienic, is free of unwanted debris, sediment, flavor, color, chemicals, etc.

If you’re a business owner in the Dairy space, our milk testing laboratory can run milk tests for adulteration to ensure your produce is pure and additive free. 

Different types of quality tests for Milk  

Since milk is made up of 87% water, it’s quite easy to dilute and tamper with. Further, its high nutritive value makes it easier for pathogens to rapidly multiple especially in unhygienic conditions.

If you feel, your milk isn’t pure, you can simply perform the following milk quality/purity tests and distinguish a pure sample from an adulterated one.

  • Organoleptic test for Milk:

It’s one of the most convenient tests to check the purity of milk wherein you don’t require any apparatus, but can still check if it’s pure or not by smell or taste.

  • Butterfat testing (Gerber method):

If you have to determine what amount of fat your milk contains, it’s best to perform the fat test on milk (i.e., the butterfat testing). This milk analysis test is fairly easy to use, quick, and provides instant results.

Why Arbro Pharmaceuticals for Milk Testing?

Arbro Pharmaceuticals is one of the best milk testing labs/laboratory in Delhi/Bangalore with a pan India footprint.

Being an EIC approved /NABL accredited milk testing lab, it holds nearly two decades of experience in the pharma sector, food testing, and others. If you’re searching for a milk powder testing lab near you, Arbro Pharmaceuticals is your trusted partner. 

Apart from milk powder, other dairy products testing procedures that the lab helps you with include:

  • Pasteurized butter
  • Pure (Desi) Ghee
  • Fresh milk

Please check the below table giving a complete overview of all the tests performed on the aforementioned dairy products:


Material Test



Tests Performe


Test Method


Milk Powder,  

Moisture/ Water

IS:1165-1992/ IS:13334-1998


Total solids











Fresh Milk

Total solids

IS: 13688-1999


Total fat



Solids not fat








   Pure (Deshi) Ghee

Loss on Drying

IS: 13689-1992





BR Value



RM Value



Polenske Value



B.T. Test


Butter Pasteurised

Loss on drying

IS: 13690-1992














Colouring matter







1. How is milk quality tested?

Milk is the most commonly adulterated food in the dairy space,and a variety of tests are needed to check its quality. The tests include parameters to ensure its quality and safety.

2. What is standard milk?

FSSAI has laid down an array of standards and tests ranging from simple physicochemical tests and tests for adulterants to microbiological tests and highly sophisticated tests for drug residues, pesticides and heavy metals.

3. What are the different qualities of milk?

In India, there are different qualities of milk available in the market. 

Toned Milk
Raw Milk
Pasteurized milk
Skimmed or fat-free milk
Organic milk
Flavoured milk

4. What is milk analysis?

Quality milk should present some physiological characteristics. The characterization of the milk quality can be determined by performing certain milk tests. The milk analysis test mainly includes a density test, fat content test, total dry-extract, non-fat dry extract, cryoscopy, and acidity tests to determine its quality. 

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