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We are one of India’s largest contract research and testing organisations offering a single point, comprehensive solution for all your analytical, testing and research needs to ensure the product quality right from the product development up to market launch. modes. 


Our state of the art laboratories in pan India locations have been serving for more than 36 years to provide excellent and bespoke testing services.

We support you at every stage of your growth right from the genesis of the idea to its inception, production, regulatory compliance and marketing to turn your dreams and vision into a reality.

We also support you with ingredient analysis for selecting the best ingredients even before the prototype development begins and also test prototypes for compliance with internal as well as regulatory requirements.


shelf life Testing of Food Samples

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Pharmaceutical Testing

We are a trusted partner for testing and certification of pharmaceutical products and their ingredients. We offer pharmaceutical testing and research services to support the development, approval, and manufacturing of pharmaceutical raw materials and finished products. We are a paragon in pharmaceutical analysis service and known for our  “Commitment to Quality” for GLP and cGMP compliance. 

Water Testing

We provide water quality assessment to measure concentration of the constituents for characterization of water for different purposes. We have the regulatory approval of the Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS) that has defined different purification levels of water for different uses and our company follows strict guidelines defined by it. We have experienced teams working in different laboratories on multiple locations serving various clients by offering them the best of our services.

Cosmetics Testing

We offer cosmetic testing services to ensure that the cosmetic products periodically pass the tests as per the regulatory guidelines. Our cosmetics testing services are crafted for formulators and manufacturers of cosmetics and other personal care products. We test products for shelf life, microbiological testing, stability and toxicology testing, performance testing photo stability and preservative efficacy. 

Food Testing

Food testing is integral to the efficient production of safe and efficient quality products and regulatory compliance for consumer’s safety and health. Our comprehensive range of food testing services includes microbiology to test for pathogens like Salmonella, E.coli, Campylobacter and Listeria, as well as spoilage organisms such as Yeasts and Moulds.

Herbal Testing

It is a fact that  with rising awareness consumers are apparently  shifting towards herbal products, however there is always a risk of possible toxicity as all plants are not edible this is why accurate identification of plant species is indispensable both in medicine and nutrition. Our herbal testing service will ensure the purity and efficacy of your products and set you free from any apprehension.  We are accredited and certified by AYUSH for analysis of herbal products.

Environmental Testing

We provide a wide spectrum of Environmental monitoring and testing services for your business to help you ensure regulatory compliance and track the emissions and harmful waste or pollutants from your manufacturing units.  A periodic environmental testing of your organization and industry will let you move ahead in your business without any hindrance or fear.

Medical Device Testing

We provide accurate and reliable medical device testing services, right from test protocol development and prototype feasibility trials to testing consolation and other regulatory requirements. We are a one stop solution for all your testing needs R&D to product development to product quality control, full suite of medical device testing materials and product device testing for the medical device industry.

Photo Stability Testing

We provide Photostability testing services of Active Substance, Cosmetics & Medicinal Products Photo stability testing is required to test the pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and active substances for light sensitivity and stability. In addition to meeting regulatory requirements, these investigations provide valuable information which may aid the selection of formulation, product-pack combinations or the recommended storage conditions. 

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