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Sensory Evaluation of Food

Sensory Evaluation
Sensory Evaluation

Sensory evaluation is a technique to analyze and measure human responses to the composition of foods and drinks and to further evaluate the characteristics like – appearance, touch, odour, texture, temperature and taste. You might have been provided an opportunity to evaluate a certain dish or drink and asked to give your feedback on the experimental grounds may be in schools, colleges, offices or at home.

A panel of human evaluators – Food chemists, Sensory Scientists, Flavour Scientists, Nutritionists and others, participate for the sensory analysis where the results of the different kind of responses by applying different methods are recorded for the final analysis. The manufactures of the food products should do sensory evaluation for ensuring product quality, customer satisfaction and for marketing purposes.

For a food business operator, the sensory quality of a food product could become the single & most important factor which consequently could push the sale of the product. The chances of a product’s success increases if the sensory tests are efficiently done in comparison to competitors’.

New product development
Investigating a new recipe
To check if product sustains the same quality & taste
Competitive edge

It is a very useful discipline to know as how the food ingredients, processes, packages, or storage conditions affect the sensory properties of foods.

We have a team of trained people who are in products profiling, quality monitoring, Assessing product consistency, optimize products for test markets and to access the consumer preferences.

We do descriptive analysis on the methods – Triangle, Preference, Paired-comparison etc.

Our food testing laboratory is equipped with all the required equipment and is operated by a team which is experienced in the analysis of food testing, using techniques like HPLC, HPTLC, GCMC, LCMSMS and chemical analysis.

We have been routinely carrying out this analysis for leading packaged food, FMCG and retail organizations in India for compliance to the FSS Act/Rules & Regulations.

We also offer a single point solution for all food testing requirements including nutritional analysis, microbiology, food additives, allergens, food adulterants etc.

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