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Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

BIS Our laboratory in New Delhi is accredited and recognized by BIS and works under its guidelines. Under BIS lab recognition scheme 2018 our testing labs have been granted approval and renewal from the Bureau of Indian Standards, Central Laboratory.

What is a BIS Certificate?

BIS certificate is the national Indian certification body under the aegis of Indian Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food and Public distribution. It is the largest agency that plays an indispensable role in the standardisation of Indian quality standards. It provides several key certifications in the Indian market. 

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), is the National Standards Body of India, and is a leader in all matters concerning Standardization, Certification, and Quality.

BIS is responsible for the quality check of various products and services so as to safeguard consumers from several health and safety hazards. The BIS recognition under Laboratory Recognition Scheme is a badge of honor for our testing labs and a responsibility and commitment to provide testing services that enhance the value of all products that we test and analyze in our laboratory.


We have BIS approval for specification of condensed milk , partly skimmed and skimmed condensed milk , Milk-cereal based complementary foods, protein rich foods, supplements for infants and pre-school children, processed cereal based complementary food , skimmed milk powder –P1 standard grade , skim milk powder-PT-2 standard grade , infant milk substitutes, Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Testing, packaged drinking water, container for packaging natural mineral water and packaged drinking water, polyethylene flexible pouches for packing of natural mineral water and packaged drinking water, follow up formulas and complementary foods.  

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