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FSMS/ISO 22000:2018

Auriga Research Certification Division is an existing applicant with NABCB for FSMS accreditation as per ISO/IEC 17021-1 as per provisions of the Scheme. 

Audit Process for Certification Activites

Auriga Research Pvt. Ltd. (Certification Division) has defined the audit process for FSMS/ISO 22000:2018 certification activities, please click on the link below for the process flow-chart:

Certification Process

Auriga Research Pvt. Ltd. (Certification Division) has the procedures of FSMS/ISO 22000:2018 certification audit process with respect to granting, extending, reducing and suspending activities.

For details, kindly refer the following links:  

Application Review

Suspension and Withdrawal Process

Audit Processes

Use of NABCB Accreditation Marks

Certification Agreement

Complaints and Appeals

Risks to Impartiality – Analysis Process

Certification Decisions

Audit Process Annexure

Use of Certificates, Certification and Accreditation Mark

Annex A22 Data Base of Certificates Issued and Withdrawn

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