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10 Useful Tips for Importing Cosmetics in India

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10 Useful Tips for Importing Cosmetics in India

Cosmetic importers in India have to follow certain rules and regulations laid down by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization under Health Ministry, Government of India.

In order to avoid any legal challenges, you need to keep in mind some important considerations to ensure that your cosmetic import business in India runs smoothly and that your cosmetic sale in India is not stopped because of non-compliance.

These tips are useful for the manufacturers, authorized agents, importers, distributors or subsidiaries of the imported cosmetic brand in India

1. Your Registration Certificate can be suspended or cancelled if

  • the conditions stated below are not followed or met
  • or any change that takes place is not in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1940

2. Remember that the cosmetic imported must be under the Drugs and Cosmetic rules that apply to the import of cosmetics and

  • Must comply with standards of cosmetics as stated in these rules
  • A test and analysis report must accompany each fresh consignment of the imported cosmetic

3. You should be aware that the quality and safety standards of the imported cosmetic will be according to

  • Schedule S and Q standards applicable to India
  • You must also meet the specification according to the rules and standards applicable to it in the country where it is originally manufactured

4. You have to inform the Licensing Authority in India if any administrative action has been taken on the imported cosmetic, named in the Registration Certificate by the –

a) Regulatory Authority of the country of origin
b) Regulatory Authority of any other country where that cosmetic is being marketed, sold or distributed.
c) Following are the various kinds of administrative actions that you have to report to the Licensing Authority in India if

  • The registration is cancelled on the imported cosmetic
  • There is any regulatory restriction on the imported cosmetic
  • The cosmetic is withdrawn from the market
  • There is a negative standard quality report on the imported cosmetic

5. You have to take the following actions in case any of the above administrative actions take place

  • Immediately stop the dispatch and marketing of the imported cosmetic
  • Inform the Licensing Authority about the action
  • Wait for the Licensing Authority in India to give you further directions

6. The directions of the Licensing Authority once informed about any action taken in another country could –

  • be equivalent to the action taken in the country of origin or according to regulations of where the cosmetic is sold and marketed
  • include the withdrawal of the cosmetic from the Indian market within 48 hours.

7. You must inform the Licensing Authority within 30 days about any change in the imported cosmetic product. Remember that change means

  • additional variant,
  • additional cosmetic category
  • additional manufacturing location
  • change in labelling
  • change in testing
  • change in documentation of the cosmetic

8. You have to apply for a new registration certificate with a new application form along with fresh registration fees, at the discretion of the Licensing Authority, within 30 days if there is an

  • additional variant
  • additional manufacturing location
  • additional cosmetic category

9. Remember to inform the Licensing Authority if there is change in any of the following categories operating under a particular Registration Certificate.

  • constitution of the firm,
  • registered address of the firm
  • factory premises

10. Keep in mind that if there is a change in address, constitution or premises then the license in India will be deemed to be valid only for

  • A period of three months from the date of this change in address, constitution, or factory premises UNLESS
  • A registration certificate has been issued and registration fees paid with the changes mentioned.

You should always have the original Registration Certificate as it must be shown to the Licensing or the Regulatory Authority, any time they demand to see it.

If you are a manufacturer, authorized agent, importer distributor or subsidiary of the imported cosmetic in India then you must do remember these points so that you meet the requirements while importing cosmetics into India and do not face any legal consequences.

Do you have some more points that must be taken care of while importing cosmetics into India? Please share them in the comments below.

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