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Registration Procedure for the Import of Cosmetic Products in India

Skincare products
Skincare products

If you are in the cosmetic manufacturing business and struggling to get your cosmetic license registration, then leave all your worries aside as we are a one stop solution to assist you in all your endeavors to flourish in your cosmetic business. In India it is important to review ingredients, along with proper labeling and planning to get your cosmetic license certificate.

Our expertise in cosmetics license and registration will help your company to get the cosmetic registration certificates as per the  Cosmetic Rules 2020 .

Apparently, multinational companies sell their products all over the world and India has a massive market for such cosmetic and personal care products. To ensure the safety and efficacy of these products the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has regulated that a compulsory registration certificate is required to import cosmetics in India.

The Cosmetic Rules 2020 governs the cosmetic registration in India and we assist you to go through the provisions with ease as manufacturing license is mandatory for your cosmetic business.

A glance at license crucial for cosmetic product manufacturing under The Cosmetic Rules 2020;

  • Any person who intends to manufacture cosmetics shall make an application for grant of a license or loan license to manufacture for sale or for distribution to the state Licensing Authority. 
  • Application under sub-rule shall be made through an identified online portal in Form COS-5 for license or in Form COS-6 for loan license accompanied with a fee, as specified in the Third Schedule along with respective documents as specified in Part II of the Second Schedule. 
  • Provided further that till such time the online portal is not operational for this purpose, offline application in Form COS- 5 for license or in Form COS- 6 for loan license may be made for manufacturing of cosmetic referred to in sub-rule (2)
  •  In case of a new cosmetic, the applicant shall obtain prior permission in Form COS- 3 as provided in Chapter V from the Central Licensing Authority and no license to manufacture any cosmetic shall be granted by the State Licensing Authority without such permission. 


In addition to the documents specified in part II of the Second Schedule, the applicant shall furnish a self-declaration in Form COS-7 conforming compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices, requirements of premises, plants and equipment for manufacture of cosmetics as specified in the Seventh Schedule. 


How license registration boosts your cosmetic business



Cosmetics license registration makes the entire business more trustable for people and it enhances a company’s image and ultimately boost sales and turnover.

Under Rules and Regulations

To comply on rules and regulations will help your cosmetic business to be on the right track and stave off any obstacle.

Safe and Secure

The cosmetic registration will protect your products from infringement and the registration form will keep your business protected from any legal dilemma.

Here are snippets of information related to the registration certificate


Where can we get a copy of Gazette Notification G.S.R 763 (E) i.e. Cosmetics Rules 2020?

The copy of cosmetics rules 2020 is available under cosmetics section on CDSCO website (Gazette Notification.G.S.R 763 (E))

What is the purpose of regulating imports of cosmetics in India?

Imports of cosmetics in India need to be regulated to ensure safety, quality and performance of cosmetics being imported to India. 

Where can we get a copy of the cosmetics rules 2020?

The cosmetics rules 2020 are available on CDSCO website.

Who can import cosmetics into India?

The manufacturer / authorised agent of the manufacturers/  authorised subsidiary of manufacture in India/ any other importer in India can be an applicant for grant of import registration certificate for import of cosmetic products into  India.

What is an import registration certificate? 

It is the certificate issued under Rule 13 of new Cosmetics Rules by the central licensing authority for registration of cosmetics manufactured for import into and use in India. 

Which is the regulatory authority that governs the regulations of imports of cosmetics into India?

The drugs controller general (India), Central Drugs Standard Control Organizations (CDSCO)HQ , Directorate General of Health Services , Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, 

What are the requirements for import of Cosmetics into India?

The cosmetic products and manufacturing site are to be registered with Central Drugs Standards Control Organization by submitting an application in Form COS-1 to obtain a Registration Certificate in Form COS-2. 

What is Form COS-1?

Form COS-1 is an application for grant of a Registration Certificate for Import of cosmetics into India under the Cosmetics Rules, 2020. 

What is Form COS-2?

Form COS-2 is an Import Registration Certificate to be issued for import of cosmetics into India under the Cosmetics Rules, 2020.

What is the procedure to obtain an “Import Registration Certificate” in Form COS-2 for import of cosmetics into India? 

A detailed procedure to obtain an “Import Registration Certificate” in Form COS-2 is available under the Cosmetics Section on CDSCO website. 

What are the documents required for issuance of Registration Certificate in Form COS2? 

Documents required for issuance of Import Registration Certificate in Form COS-2 are available under Cosmetics Section on CDSCO website. (Detailed information is available under the Guidance Document on CDSCO website).

What is the fee required for registration of cosmetics for import into India? 

As per the Third Schedule of Cosmetics Rules, 2020, a fee of One Thousand US dollars or its equivalent in Indian Rupees for grant or retention of Registration Certificate for each category of cosmetics, a fee of Five Hundred US dollars for registration of each manufacturing site, a fee of Fifty US dollars for each variant and a fee of One Thousand US dollars for grant or retention of Registration Certificate for additional category of Cosmetic shall be paid along with the application in Form COS-1. 

Here we will explain the procedure for issue of this compulsory registration certificate

1. Who can apply for the registration certificate?

Answer: The manufacturer or his authorized channel in India

2. Where should the application form be submitted?

Answer: The application form must be submitted to the office of the Drugs Controller General of India under Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhiboth

  • As a hard Copy
  • Electronically

3. Is there any specific form for the application?

Answer: The application must be submitted

  • in the prescribed Form – 42
  • along with a cover letter
  • receipt in original of payment of registration fees

4. What should be the specifications for the application cover letter?

  • It should be on the letterhead of the importer or the authorized agent applying for the registration
  • It should be duly stamped and signed by an authorized person

5. Will any acknowledgement be made for the receipt of the application form?

Answer: The office of the Drug Controller General will issue a copy of duly stamped cover letter, which would act as an acknowledgement

6. Where has the fee to be deposited?

Answer: Fee is to be deposited in designated branches of the Bank of Baroda

7. How does a foreign manufacturer pay registration fees in the country of origin?

Answer: Through electronic transfer from any bank in the country of origin to the Bank of Baroda branch in Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi.

  • Note: Proof of such payment would need to be submitted along with the application for registration.

8. What is the waiting period before issuing of registration certificate?

Answer: Drug Controller General’s office would issue a registration certificate within six months from the date of submission of application.

9. What is the validity period of the registration certificate?

Answer: The registration certificate would be valid for three years.

 List of Documents Required for Registration:

  1. Particulars of the manufacturer and the manufacturing unit. It should include the name, address and contact information of the manufacturer along with the detailed address of the manufacturing unit. A short description explaining the business of the manufacturer should also be attached with the application form
  2. Proof of payment of the required registration fee.
  3. Particulars of the cosmetics to be registered. It would include the brand names of the cosmetics along with their category, variants and pack sizes to be imported for sale in India.
  4. Particulars of the manufacturing licenses/registration/marketing authorization if any, under which the cosmetics are being manufactured and sold in the country of origin issued by the regulatory authority of that country.
  5. List of countries where import permission of the cosmetic product has been granted.
  6. Names of ingredients as per international nomenclature of standard along with percentage contained in the product.
  7. Specification and testing method of the product.
  8. Specimen of the label.
  9. Information that the product has already been selling in India and the time period.


In-order to have hassle-free registration for imported cosmetic products all applicants must ensure that they peruse through the procedure for registration and ensure that they have submitted all relevant documents with their registration application.

We have three state of the art laboratories in Delhi, Baddi and Bangalore approved by CDSCO and routinely carry out testing of heavy metals in cosmetics and various other tests required for registration of cosmetic products in India for leading cosmetic companies, importers and traders. We can also help you with registering your products in India. Contact us to get your cosmetic license registration certificate.

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