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Fatty Acid Analysis in Food Products through FSSAI Food Lab

Fatty Acid
Nutritional Information – Fatty Acids

The term fatty acids sound very familiar when we talk about packaged food items. People often check the amount of these acids on their food products to ensure their nutritional value.

On the other hand, the manufacturers of these items have to opt for fatty acid testing in order to print the precise values on the packaging.  

For all people in the business of food production or all the curious brains out there, we have brought all details here about fatty acids and fatty acid profile analysis. So they can understand why these components are present in their food and the importance of testing for manufacturing units. Let’s begin with the details!

What Are Fatty Acids?

Fatty Acid are carboxylic acids which are basically the dietary fats essential for the generation of cellular energy and biosynthesis of membrane lipids. Fatty acid could be saturated or unsaturated and are usually derived from triglycerides or phospholipids. Fatty acidsare classified into 3 groups (1) Saturated Fatty Acids (SFAs) (2) Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFAs) (3) Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs).

As per the ICMR report, Fatty acids are used for generation of cellular energy and biosynthesis of membrane lipids and lipid mediators are essential in development of central nervous system. So, Fatty acids are vital for the growth of the human body and serve as the important sources of fuel.

As fatty acids are an essential component for the human body, they can not be entirely eliminated from food items. However, consumers need to keep track of the consumption of these fatty acids so that they can ensure good health.

In order to make the buyer’s task more convenient, the manufacturers must mention the exact amount of fatty acids in their products. This is where a fatty acid profile test comes into the role. Here are some details on it.  

Fatty Acid Testing for Food Products

It is mandatory for the food business operator to declare the nutritional values on the label of a pre-packaged food product as per the Labelling guidelines. Food Safety Regulations require that the nutritional values (presented as g/100g of a product) should be clearly mentioned so that the consumers could make a choice for the particular food product. As customers can not check each product’s nutritional value by themselves, the manufacturers need to make their task more convenient. 

When there is a claim made against the fatty acids, then it is compulsory for the food business operator to state the amount of Saturated Fatty Acids, Monounsaturated Fatty Acids & Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on the labels of the pre-packaged food products. A regular food testing of the food products is recommended on all nutritional parameters so that safe & wholesome food can be served to the consumers.

Fatty Acid Analysis Test

Fatty acid testing is done on food items to calculate the exact amount the type of these compounds present in the given sample. This way, the food business operators can mention its value on labelling without any hassle or complications.

However, the fatty acid profile analysis must be done only under an accredited laboratory so that the results will be reliable, and no trouble will occur at the later stage. 

That is why, as a food manufacturer, you need ARBRO’s assistance. We will offer you the most precise and reliable fatty acid analysis test results. Thus, you will be able to stay away from all official complications and provide trusted products to your customers. 

We can help you in doing the nutritional analysis as per FSSAI Compliance needs. We are well equipped to provide nutritional testing services for detection of the concentration levels of nutrients like fatty acids & cholesterol etc.

We have been working with the food & beverages industry on the complete range of food products and are helping them accommodate the specific standards. Therefore, we will offer you a complete solution for your fatty acid and other nutritional component analysis requirements. This way, you will not have to deal with any hassle at any point in time.

Why Choose Us?

We are accredited by NABL and authorized by FSSAI. The lab has experienced professionals for the nutritional analysis of a wide range of food products like dietary supplements, health supplements, health drinks, chips, namkeens etc.

The lab has the facility for detection and quantification of fats in agricultural samples and food products. In short, your nutritional analysis task will get completed with high efficiency and accuracy. 

You can contact us through the given “Quick Query” form or call us on +91-11-45754575 for any doubts about the fatty acid profile test, or to opt for the service. We will be delighted to offer the most appropriate solution according to your individual requirements.

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