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Artificial Intelligence in Skin Science: Unveiling the Mini 3D System

Substantiate the claims of your cosmetic products with us!

Auriga Research is delighted to introduce the Mini 3D System, a revolutionary 2D and 3D skin analysis tool. This portable and powerful system is designed to provide users with comprehensive measurements, including 2D and 3D topography of skin features and shapes.

This system can automatically and precisely locate different areas on your face. This helps track specific skin concerns like lines, wrinkles, or pores. With the advanced technology in spotting facial landmarks, we can now consistently measure and monitor changes in product effects for both new and returning users.

Auriga Research Artificial Intelligence in skin science

Measured Features

Category Measured Features
Skin Type – Skin Type classification from I-VI (Fitzpatrick)
  – High Resolution BTBP skin type classification 1-50
  – RGB Average
  – Lab
Radiance – Luminance Delta
  – L* from LAB color space
  – Redness
Degree of Intensity & Surface Area – Degree of Intensity & Surface Area
Pigmentation – Pigmentation
  – Spot Count
  – Percentage of Surface Area
  – Size Classification & Size Distribution
  – Intensity & Contrast
  – Melasma Scoring via: Darkness, Homogeneity, Average Brightness
Subsurface Pigmentation – Subsurface Pigmentation
  – Spot Count
  – Percentage of Surface Area & Total Surface Area
  – Size Classification & Size Distribution
  – Intensity & Contrast
  – Pigment Darkness
Wrinkles – Total Count w/Emerging, Fine and Deep Line Classification
  – Average Length, Width & Severity
  – Total Surface Area: Volume
Enlarged Pores – Pore Count
  – Percentage of Surface Area
  – Average Size, Diameter, Visibility, Circularity & Intensity
  – Size Classification with Count & Distribution in 3 Categories
  – Volume
Texture – Average Roughness
  – Average RGB values
  – 3D Skin Topography
Acne – Active Acne Count & Visibility Scores
  – Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation & Visibility Scores
  – Acne 3D Topography
Eye Area – Under Eye & Crow’s Feet Wrinkle Surface Area
  – Under Eye Darkness (Lab)
  – Individual Typology Angle (ITA)
  – Eyelid Crepiness (Roughness-Average R, G, B)
  – Puffiness, Le. 3D Curvature Profile
Lips – Surface Area & Redness Levels
  – Border Contrast, Smoothness & Curvature
  – Lip Wrinkle Counts Classified by Severity
  – 3D Lip Volume
Facial Contours – 3D Volume measurement
  – Facial Surface area and volume mapping by region of interest
  – Sagging Jowls, Hollow Areas, Deep Folds/Creases
  – Drooping of the Brow & Upper Eye Lid
Eye Lid Texture – Roughness
Lash Surface Area – Lash density
  – Maximum Length
  – Average Length
Lash Volume – Lift Up Angle
  – Curl Up Angle


Multi-spectral Imaging for In-Depth Analysis

Our patented AI analysis software employs various wavelengths of light to automatically highlight facial features, enabling precise counting and measurement. The use of a patented blue light wavelength eliminates the risks associated with UV light, allowing for images with open eyes and without concerns of skin damage.

Detailed 3D Models & High-Resolution Measurements

The Research 3D System generates high-resolution photogrammetric 3D models with exceptional precision. Exclusive to our system, artificial intelligence extracts measurements from 3D models, showcased in stunning 4K resolution with our Auriga Research 3D Viewer.

Automatic Alignment & Detection

Eliminate concerns about facial positioning with our automatic alignment software. Our recognition technology detects over 110 facial regions, facilitating the tracking of specific features over time without the need for repeated region-of-interest drawings.

Study Management Modules

Our artificial intelligence software streamlines study configuration and analysis, surpassing the efficiency of traditional clinical services. Progression trends can be effortlessly tracked, and batch processing enables rapid analysis, saving both time and costs.

Progression Trends*

Go beyond simple comparisons. Our AI software enables automatic comparison of measurements between different timepoints, enhancing analytical capabilities.

Batch Processing

Skip clinical services; our forward-thinking AI engine handles analysis, saving time and money. Batch process images after panelists leave, maximizing study image capture.

Facial Contour and Volume Modeling

Witness macro and micro-level changes in contours and volume through our patented artificial intelligence software, providing precise numerical data for observed changes.

Portable form factor

Enjoy the convenience of a portable system that allows for rapid capture and seamless integration into your workflow.

Rapid Capture

Capture data swiftly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your research process.

Archiving & Retrieving

Simplify data management with easy archiving and retrieval options, ensuring that your valuable research data is always accessible.

Movie Timeline of Skin Progression*

Visualize skin changes over time with a comprehensive movie timeline feature, facilitating in-depth analysis and understanding.

Image and 3D Model Export

Easily export images and 3D models for further analysis or documentation purposes.

Data Export into Excel

Seamlessly export data into Excel format for comprehensive data analysis and reporting.

The Auriga Research Difference

  • We excel in extracting measurements from 3D models through artificial intelligence.
  • Our patented AI analysis engine replaces clinical services, saving time and money.
  • Automatic feature measurement without the need for a visual grader.
  • Stunning 4K resolution models with our Auriga Research 3D Viewer.

Explore the Future of Skin Science

Explore the cutting-edge advancements in skin science with Auriga Research Pvt Limited. For inquiries and demonstrations, please contact us at +91-8588851888. Unleash the potential of AI in skin analysis and revolutionize your research endeavors.

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