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Liquid chromatography-Mass spectrometry (LC-MS)
Liquid chromatography-Mass spectrometry (LC-MS)

Liquid chromatography-Mass spectrometry (LC-MS) combines the physical separation capabilities of liquid chromatography with the mass analysis capabilities of a mass spectrometer. LC-MS is emerging  as the most favored technique  in major application areas including pharmacokinetic studies and proteomics.

The Major development has been the tandem MS-MS which allows the detector to select certain ions to fragment. With the concurrent development of HPLC now days it is possible to analyse samples in a minute or less as compared to over 10 minutes with other detectors. At the present growth rate the technique is slated to rank as a topmost preferred separation and analysis technique.

We are equipped with API-300  LC-MS-MS which is operating since 2006 and a Agilent 6410 since 2010. Our LCMSMS are being put to use in following areas.

Pleases feel free to contact us if you need to uses a LCMSMS for sample analysis.

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