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Meteorological Monitoring and Testing Services

Did you know that meteorological testing can tremendously improve  power plant efficiency and fulfill your regulatory requirement? Be it nuclear, coal and gas plants it will apparently make a huge contribution to energy conservation and reduced emissions. The parameters like temperature, flow, thermal energy and electrical outputs the metrological testing is also conducted for Environment Comprehensive Study. 

Environment monitoring is important as the factors such as   temperature, humidity, flood, power, and more will all have a major impact on the functioning of your business. The variations in temperature and moisture patterns produce different weather conditions. Meteorology plays a key role during the environmental survey and study.

Meteorological Monitoring and Testing Services


The parameters for meteorological monitoring are air Temperature, air pressure , precipitation, ambient temperature, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, rainfall, and relative humidity. 

Regulatory Requirement

The regulatory requirement for meteorological monitoring is CPCB and MOEF guidelines. USEPA method and Indian standard for meteorological monitoring we use meteorological data logger. 

Industries We Serve

  • Agriculture
  • Irrigation
  • Shipping
  • Aviation
  • Offshore oil exploration 
  • Water resources management  

Our Services

We offer meteorological monitoring and testing services in our accredited laboratories across pan India locations. We provide expert sampling, flow measurement and a vast array of other environmental monitoring services to help projects meet the monitoring requirements.  We are equipped with most modern laboratory instruments which enable us to provide a vast array of environmental services. The State-of-the-art infrastructure available helps in carrying out analysis of various parameters with utmost accuracy efficiency and quick turnaround time. 

If you would like to use our testing services please feel free to contact us through the contact form or call us now on +91-11-45754575. We will be happy to provide you a proposal for  metrological monitoring and testing services etc. 

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