Environmental Monitoring & Testing Services

We provide Environmental monitoring and testing services to help you to ensure regulatory compliance and track the emissions and harmful pollutants modes. 

Environmental Monitoring

The burgeoning industries, rising population and massive energy consumption apparently have been affecting our environment. The need of the hour is that the industries and organisations should get proper environmental monitoring and testing to minimise the severe impact on the environment and ensure regulatory compliance.

Environmental Services

Significance of Environmental Monitoring and Testing

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Hazardous waste

The hazardous waste produced by manufacturers and various industries are harmful for the environment and health. Hazardous waste testing is crucial for your business to fulfill regulatory requirements and follow the environmental guidelines.

Illumination Testing

A good lighting system can reduce accidents, increase accuracy in workmanship, decrease spoilage of product, increase productivity and greater satisfaction among workers.Low light, or continuous flickering light are unsuitable for the workplace.

Wastewater Testing

Wastewater from commercial properties, agriculture, industry and  manufacturing units  can contaminate land and pollute water. It is crucial to get wastewater testing for regulatory compliance and environmental concern.

Meteorological Monitoring & Testing

Environment monitoring is important as the factors such as   temperature, humidity, flood, power, and more will all have a major impact on the functioning of your business. Meteorology plays a key role during the environmental survey and study.

Compressed Air Testing

Compressed air quality testing ensures that the air supplied to industrial processes is free of impurities that might damage the equipment.  It is important that the compressed air being supplied to industries should be  routinely tested.

Solid Waste Testing

Solid Waste Testing makes your industry conscious of the environment and helps to grow in a sustainable manner. This service check the waste on different parameters and suggest different management practices for managing each type of waste.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air quality can have a huge impact on health, well-being and productivity of the building occupants.  It is important for you to get a pre-monitoring and testing of indoor air after construction and before moving in your  workforce.  

Ambient Noise /DG Noise

The noises from construction  activities, factories , manufacturing sites, petroleum plants are harmful for the environment, human health and other living organisms. The noise level monitoring & testing helps to analyze the present scenario and reduce it as per the regulatory law.

Ambient Air monitoring & analysis

Ambient air monitoring analysis is important  for your industry to monitor the level of pollution in relation to the ambient air quality regulatory standards.

Stack Gases and Source Emissions

The pollutants emitted from the stack can be solid, gaseous, liquid organic or inorganic. Stack emission monitoring service can help you to comply with regulations and emissions permits.

Our Environmental Monitoring Services

We provide Environmental monitoring and testing services to help you to ensure regulatory compliance and track the emissions and harmful pollutants. Our testing services are designed to meet all your regulatory, testing, quality and audit requirements. Our accredited laboratories in pan India locations have been offering Testing and Analysis in the field of Environment.

We are equipped with most modern laboratory instruments which enable us to provide a vast array of environmental services. The State-of-the-art infrastructure and our passionate and motivated team of Chemists and Analysts are committed in providing best services to our valuable clients. We have been accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and calibration Laboratories ISO /IEC 17025 since 2003. 

We offer flexible and comprehensive services and monitoring programmes  under the supervision of highly experienced scientists and professionals in monitoring of industrial operations and projects which are under Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and for environmental permits. 

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