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Labeling Requirements For Imported Cosmetic Goods in India

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Since 2001, the government of India has made it mandatory for packaged goods and cosmetics that are imported into the country to be correctly labeled as per regulations. We have for your convenience spelled out the regulations in simple terms.

All labels on packaged goods must have :

  1. Name and address of the importer
  2. Generic or common name of the commodity packed
  3. Net quantity in terms of a standard unit of weights and measures
  4. Month and year of packing in which the commodity is manufactured or packed or imported.
  5. Maximum retail sales price (MRP) of the packaged commodity at which the commodity will be sold to the end consumer.

The MRP includes :

  • taxes,
  • freight transport charges,
  • commission payable to dealers,
  • all charges towards advertising, delivery, packing, and forwarding.

For cosmetic products specific information has to be clearly mentioned on both the inner and outer labels:

  • Name of the cosmetic.
  • Name of the manufacturer and complete address of the premises of the manufacturer where the cosmetic has been manufactured
  • The names of ingredients in the order of percentage of content.

On the outer label:

  • A declaration of the net contents expressed in terms of weight for solids/ semi-solids, fluid measure for liquids.
  • The names of ingredients in the order of percentage of the content.

On the inner label:

  • Warning words about where a hazard exists,
  • Adequate directions for safe use which includes a warning, caution or special direction that the consumer must observe when using the product.
  • A mention must be made of the names and quantities of the ingredients that are hazardous or poisonous.
  • The names of ingredients in the order of percentage of content.
  • The batch number preceded by the letter “B”.
  • In the case of soaps instead of a batch number, the month and year of manufacture of the soap shall be mentioned on the label.
  • Manufacturing license number preceded by the letter “M.”

Most of the above regulations are similar to the international regulations for cosmetic products and all manufacturers are aware of them. However, each country has certain additional specifications and so the needed requirements must be studied thoroughly in order to run the import business in a way that is safe for the consumer or end user.

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