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Sensory Analysis at Auriga Research Bangalore

Sensory Analysis at Auriga Research Bangalore
Sensory Analysis

Sensory Analysis and Organoleptic Evaluation [OLE] is a scientific discipline that applies principles of experimental design and statistical analysis to the use of human senses [sight, smell, taste, touch & hearing] for the purposes of evaluation of consumer products.  The discipline requires panels of human assessors, on whom the products are tested, and recording their responses. By applying statistical techniques to the results it is possible to make inferences and insights about the products under test.

The primary role of the sensory scientist is to employ the senses of selected and trained human subjects to identify the individual perceptible characteristics of food, and to quantify their intensities. These characteristics are defined by the chemical composition of the food, and the structural organisation that gives foods their expected form and texture. All the important senses in determining consumer liking need to be addressed: appearance, odour, taste, trigeminal response (the last three constituting flavour), touch and hearing. The more general discipline of consumer science then examines how consumers integrate these responses, usually at a subconscious level, to come to a judgement on how much they like the product.

Auriga Research Bangalore has recently established the capability of performing Sensory evaluation of consumer products across categories such as Beverages, Snack Foods [RTE], HFD’s [Health Food Drinks], Nutrition Bars etc. There is a dedicated laboratory for sensory preparation and testing [8 booths] with a panel of 10 sensory experts across age groups of 20-45 yrs. In-house training is provided on regular continuous basis for skill development across product formats. Three key areas of product development that we focus on are as below:

  1. Conduct Stability Studies with sensory attributes as markers/parameters for product likeability/acceptability.
  2. Competitor Product Benchmarking/Evaluation.
  3. Existing Product Renovation leading to improved overall gross margins with respect to the formulation ingredients.

Sensory Analysis at Auriga Research BangaloreDr Binod K Maitin is Head of Spirits sensory with FlavorActiV, a pioneer sensory training and validation company based in the UK and also an Independent Technical Consultant based in India. He is a highly accomplished scientific and technical expert with more than 4 decades of intense experience and proven record of achievements in Analytical & Sensory Sciences. As Head of Technical Centre of United Spirits Limited, a Diageo Group Company in India, he had led a team of highly driven professionals and made valuable contributions during his long tenure. Has a Ph.D. degree in Analytical Chemistry from Queen’s University of Belfast and published and presented more than 50 papers on various aspects of Analytical Chemistry and Beverages NPD & Quality. He is a Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry and member of Institute of Brewing & Distilling and Sensometric Society. He is also in the Expert Panel of Jury for Tasting & Judging in International Competitions namely, IWSC, London and ISW, Germany.

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