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ICP-MS Analysis & Testing

Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer testing lab in delhi
ICP MS Lab in India

ICP-MS is the synergistic combination of an ICP with a mass spectrometer. ICP Testing offers the benefits of speed of analysis along with the lowest detection limits to laboratories performing trace metal determinations. 

Before we move on to the features of this method, you should first know what exactly it is and how it works. So you will be able to determine its effectiveness for your purpose, which is high in most cases. Let’s begin with the crucial details on ICP-MS Testing.  

Understanding ICP Testing

ICP analysis stands for Inductively Coupled Plasma Analysis. Under this method, a sample gets examined for the trace amounts and significant concentrations of a number of components present in it. 

Here, either a liquid compound is taken, or a solid sample’s digestion takes place first. After that, the fine droplets of the liquefied sample get vaporised with the help of a plasma torch. Finally, all the elements of the compound get quantified using ion mass or atomic emission. The choice of ion mass or atomic emission depends on the selected ICP testing method. 

Most people nowadays prefer to go for the ICP-MS testing method due to its high efficiency for detection. In it, the ICP testing gets coupled with mass spectrometry analysis for better results. Out of the available two options, the technique utilises ion mass for quantifying the elements. We have mentioned here a few features offered by the process over other ways of sample analysis. 

ICP-MS Efficiency

The detection limits at or below parts per trillion (ppt) range are achievable with ICP-MS. Therefore, ICP/MS services are able to quantify even the excessively tiny elements present in the given sample. Plus, the technique is much faster than AAS and graphite furnace AAS for determinations of multiple elements per sample. As many as 85 elements in a sample can be analysed in 2-3 minutes, making ICP-MS testing quick and highly effective for the purpose. 

Due to all these offered benefits and features, ICP/MS services are preferred over alternative methods by most industry people. 

Applications of ICP-MS Testing

The primary use of ICP analysis is seen in the pharmaceuticals or forensics domain. They order reliable ICP testing labs for metal assay or toxicity detection in their products. Therefore, making the stocks safe for patients’ consumption. Otherwise, people may suffer from problems like heavy metal poisoning, herpetological trouble, and metabolic issues. Forensics mostly opt for this technique for glass analysis, as the process can find out all the trace elements present on glasses without any hassle. 

However, these are not the only use cases of ICP Testing. Industries, municipalities, or individuals also utilise the method for applications, such as water testing. Clinical samples, soils, wastewater, seawater, and other material can be analysed with the technique, as well. 

ARBRO: Offering ICP Testing Labs

Our laboratory is equipped with a Perkin Elmer DRC-e model ICP-MS along with dynamic reaction cell, which completely eliminates interferences thus providing ultra-trace detection capabilities even in difficult matrices such as wastewaters, soils, seawater and clinical samples.

Further, for sample preparation, the laboratory is equipped with a Microwave Digestion system allowing complete and reproducible sample digestion which is critical for the elemental analysis in complex matrices.

The facility has been needful for analysis of wide-ranging samples such as Ayurvedic products, foods and natural products such as milk, honey, drugs and drinking water.

Why Choose Us?

With a number of options in hand, you may think “why us”. But with the trust and efficiency offered by us with our ICP analysis, there is no way you can look out for anyone else. Plus, we have successfully developed and validated methods for quantification of inorganic impurities in a number of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Formulations as per USP 231, 232, 2232 and ICH guidelines.

Our team has experience in conducting numerous method development and validation studies for elemental impurities in drug product and drug substances for leading pharmaceutical companies. Please feel free to contact us through the contact form or call us now on +91-11-45754575.

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  1. Greetings
    We would like to analyze presence of trace metals in human blood.
    Can this be done at your facility and if yes then please share the contact details of the person with whom further co-ordination needs to be done.

  2. Thank you for reaching out to us.

    Unfortunately, we do not offer testing services for human blood samples at our facility. However, we appreciate your interest and encourage you to explore other laboratories or facilities that may specialize in this type of analysis.

    If you have any other inquiries or if there’s anything else we can assist you with, please feel free to let us know.

  3. determination of uranium in drinking water, can you do that by icpms? I yes, then please tell the charges

  4. Dear Jaswinder kaur,

    Yes, we provide uranium testing in drinking water using ICP-MS. Our sales team will contact you shortly via email. If you prefer, you can share your contact number for a quicker response, or reach out to our team directly at +91-8588851888 for urgent inquiries. Thank you!

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    We would like to analyse presence of trace metals like Cd, Cr etc. from the liver, muscle & kidney of fishes. Can you do that using ICPMS? please let me know the details if yes.

  6. Thank you for your inquiry. Your request has been forwarded to our sales team for immediate attention. They will reach out to you shortly via email to address your concerns. Should you have any urgent matters or further questions please feel free to contact us directly at +91-8588851888.

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  8. Can you test heavy metals for drinking water and if yes what will be the costing per sample.

  9. Thank you for your inquiry. Your request has been forwarded to our team for immediate attention. They will reach out to you shortly via email to address your concerns. Should you have any urgent matters or further questions please feel free to contact us directly at +91-8588851888.

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