Stability Testing

Stability testing chamber
Stability chamber

Stability testing is integral to developing new pharmaceutical products and active pharmaceutical ingredients, to establish their shelf life or expiry date. It is also equally important along with ongoing routine manufacturing to monitor product quality as a function of time. We provide a complete solution to your requirements of Stability Studies for Shelf Life Estimation during

  • Product Development
  • Product Shelf life evaluation
  • Packing Material development & change over
  • For Product Registration in Global Markets
  • Critical supplier change
We are equipped with a comprehensive array of Analytical techniques, experienced team, Incubators GMP Models   (Zone wise; according to current Regulatory requirements) and huge capacity for further expansion of storage capacities to meet all your stability testing needs.
Stability Study Protocols and Stability Studies Plan
We shall design Plan & Protocols for Stability Studies according to the Current Regulatory Requirements for your products in Indian, ASEAN /CIS /Non-CIS/ GCC/ African/ UK /EU/ US regions.
Stability Study Sample management
We shall take responsibility of incubation of the samples, maintenance of the environmental conditions (Temperature and Humidity) and periodically withdrawal of within stipulated time window for analysis and later compilation of the data for statistical evaluation to assign the shelf life.
Feedback on Packaging Material
We study not only evaluate the degradation of Drug Substances or their degradation product but also let you know the possible interactions of Drug Substances with the Packaging material in which these will be delivered, transported and stored throughout shelf life.
Stability Indicating Analytical Methods
We shall develop, design & validate the Analytical method for required test parameters to be used during stability study and further Regulatory submissions.
Current Projects
Currently, we are handing projects for Pharmaceuticals Finished Products (API and Finished Products (all dosage forms), Ayurvedic/Herbal Products (Hard and Soft gelatin Capsule, Solid powder & Liquid ), Cosmetics and food Products.
Best Support
We provide most transparent, un-interrupted feedback for your technical needs. Our technical team works with our valuable clients in close relationship for successful and timely conduct of Stability Studies for Shelf Life estimation.
Most Economic Package in Industry with Quality
Unparalleled, most competitive and quite flexible package according to your business needs.
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