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Drinking water testing

Water Testing
Drinking Water Testing

As water is the most crucial component for humans, it will not be difficult for you to understand the importance of drinking water testing.

The examination gets done to ensure the water does not contain any harmful substances or chemicals and is fit for drinking. Therefore, reducing any worries for both the consumers and the organizations. 

Regular Testing

Irrespective of gender and age, each person consumes several litres of water every day. In case the water contains even the slightest amount of toxic substances, it can cause severe trouble for the people who consume it. That is why both individuals and large organizations should conduct regular drinking water analysis to keep every water consumer safe and healthy. Most people avoid this testing due to budget issues. However, the cost of such a drinking water testing program is easily and quickly recovered from savings on health care costs and increased productivity in organizations.

Quality Control Analysis in Organizations

Every organization has its own water purification system. But sometimes, the level of this arrangement fails to match the toxin levels in the water. Thus, impure water gets delivered to employees, and they fall sick.

In order to avoid this trouble, it is crucial for every organization to contact an accredited drinking water testing lab and get their systems checked for efficiency by testing the water. This is the only way the companies can keep their employees safe and healthy so that they keep working with their full efficiency. 

Evaluation of Water Quality for Individuals

Your home is where you are the most comfortable. However, this experience can turn bad if the water quality of your house degrades. It can make both you and your family severely sick. In case you do not want this to happen, you must opt for a drinking water quality test. With proper methods of testing, you can keep yourself and your family safe from problems.

Our Drinking Water Testing Services

We are well known for our drinking water testing capabilities. We follow the guidelines provided by the Bureau of Indian Standards, World Health Organization, US Environmental Protection Agency, and other standards. Therefore, offering the best drinking water quality testing methods according to your specific requirements. Our experts look into the following factors while conducting drinking water analysis for organizations:

  1. Helping you design the annual testing program suitable for your organization by deciding what tests to conduct and at what frequency
  2. Testing of the source water – municipal or ground or surface water
  3. Evaluating the performance of your water purification system
  4. Helping you design or select a water purification system
  5. Conducting independent sampling from your offices or factories
  6. Delivering reports with actual results you can use in a timely fashion

Even for individuals looking for how to test drinking water at their home, we provide the most reliable solutions to keep them safe from any toxins or contaminants. 

Why Choose Us for Drinking Water Testing Services?

Our drinking water testing lab is accredited by NABL (ISO/IEC 17025) for conducting drinking water quality tests. Plus, we have highly skilled professionals who opt for the most effective drinking water quality testing methods so that our clients get the desired results. So whether you need drinking water testing for your house or office, we can certainly help you out. 

To get your drinking water tested today, you can fill out the quick query form or reach us by phone: +91-11-45754575. We will ensure the best service. 



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