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Soxtherm Automatic Rapid Extraction System

Soxtherm Automatic Rapid Extraction System Gerhardt has been offering fully automatic systems under the brand name Soxtherm. The solid-liquid extraction according to Soxhlet and Twisselmann can be done much more efficiently by using these systems. Thus, the Soxtherm simplifies and accelerates the traditional Soxhlet method in key areas. The extraction has up to five programmable stages.  The patented process is fully automatic and is especially useful for the determination of fat and for residue analysis.

Stage 1
The sample is immersed in boiling solvent and the required material is liberated from the sample.

Stage 2
The level of the solvent is lowered to below the extraction thimble. The excess solvent is collected in the rear solvent recovery tank.

Stage 3
The material is extracted by the refluxing, condensed solvent and collected in the solvent below the extraction thimble.

Stage 4
The bulk of the solvent is distilled over into the rear storage tank for later recovery.

Stage 5
The extraction beakers are raised off the heating unit automatically. Some of the residual solvents are removed via convection heating (optional).

Cooling water and heating are switched off when the extraction is finished after the fifth stage.

Advantages over conventional extraction:

  • Solvent recovery makes the system environmentally friendly
  • Water and compressed air control give unattended operation and save water making the system environmentally friendly
  • Fast and accurate giving an increased sample throughput compared to the traditional Soxhlet
  • Capable of being used with all solvents giving flexibility of applications
  • Fully programmable with automatic start-up and shut down for unattended operation
  • Low solvent usage
  • Large thimbles available for large sample sizes
  • Single button operation for ease of use

Safety features

  • Cooling water and air monitoring
  • Safety door protects the operator from hot surfaces
  • Over temperature, cut-out prevents the flash point of the solvent being exceeded
  • An optical sensor on solvent recovery tank prevents overfilling
  • Acoustic and visual warnings inform an operator of system problems
  • Spark proof heaters to DIN/VDE 0170 and 0171 meet the high standards required
  • Illuminated glass beakers allow easy visual inspection of extraction progress

Fat Determination with Soxtherm

Almost all food contains fat. When working with the Gerhardt Soxtherm, the determination of the fat content in food and feeds is simple, fast, and reliable.

  • Cereals and cereal products
  • Meat and meat products
  • Chocolate and cacao products
  • Oil and oilseeds
  • Fruits
  • Fat in feed
  • Lipids in egg and egg products

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