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PFA Amendment

Mandatory Labeling Requirements Implemented From 19th March 2009

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has introduced mandatory labeling for prepackaged Food products vied Notification number 664 (E) effective 19th March 2009. According to this notification, all prepackaged food products will have to carry the following additional information-

A list of ingredients with following features –

An appropriate title like “INGREDIENTS”

Name of the ingredients and their weight or volume in descending order

If an ingredient is a combination of two or more ingredients (for example in a namkeen mixture) the compound ingredient has to be declared in the list accompanied by a list of its ingredients. This is not required if the compound ingredient is not a food additive and is less than 5% of the food.

Added water

Flavoring agents don’t have to be disclosed

Nutritional information per 100 gm or per 100 ml or per serving containing the following –

Energy value in kcal

Protein in gram

Carbohydrate in gram

The quantity of sugar in gram

Fat in gram

If a claim is made about the amount or type of fat or amount of cholesterol than the amount of following will have to be provided

Saturated fatty acids in gram

Monounsaturated fatty acids in gram

Polyunsaturated fatty acids in gram

Trans fatty acid in gram

Cholesterol in milligram

Any nutrient for which a nutrition or health claim is made

Foods prepared with hydrogenated vegetable fats or bakery shortening have to declare – “Hydrogenated vegetable fats or bakery shortening used – contains trans fats”

Irradiated foods or foods with ingredients treated with radiation have to carry a statement indicating the treatment

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  1. Please intimate me if there is any amendment in the existing definition of paneer as defined earlier by PFA

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