Vegetable Products


Material of Test

Tests Performed

Test Method

Butter, pasteurized

1] Coliform Count

IS: 5401-2002

IS: 13690-1992, Reaf 2003

 2] Yeast & Mould  Count

 IS: 5403 -1999, Reaf 2005

Butter Oil



IS: 13689-1992, Reaf 2003

3] Staphylococcus aureus (Coagulase Positive)

IS: 5887-(Pt-2) 1976 Reaf 2005  & IS: 5887-(Pt-8) 2002


4] E. coli

IS: 5887-(Pt-I)-1976, Reaf 2005


5] Salmonella

IS: 5887-(Pt-III)1999, Reaf 2005


6] Shigella

IS: 5887-(Pt-7)-1999, Reaf 2005


7] Listeria monocytogens

IS: 14988 (Pt-1 & 2)-2001/2002


8] Total Plate Count

IS: 5402-2002


9] Anaerobic spore count

IS: 5887 (Pt-4)-1976, Reaf 2005


1] Standard Plate Count

IS: 5402-2002

IS:  5550-1970 Reaf  1999

2] Yeast & Mould Count

IS: 5403-1999, Reaf 2005




















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