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stability testing

Stability of a product means how long that product can be kept under normal conditions without degradation. As time passes, visible changes may occur. The changes may be physical, chemical or microbiological. The composition of the product varies over a period of time. Stability of the product is affected by various environmental factors. Stability of a product mainly depends on temperature, humidity, photostability, processing, handling and storage conditions. If you are a manufacturer and you want to maintain the quality of your product you must check shelf life of your product. For ensuring the quality you must perform stability testing. If you are a part of the pharmaceutical industry, you must do stability testing of your product.

In the pharmaceutical industry, Stability Testing is mainly of two types-Real-time stability testing and Accelerated stability testing.

In real-time stability testing the degradation of products takes longer time under normal condition and in accelerated

stability testing

the degradation of products takes less time under stressed conditions.

Accelerated Stability Testing is done to determine the shelf life of finished products. As per the result, the expiry date of a particular product is fixed. Pharmaceutical products are kept under accelerated conditions. The changes under extreme conditions like temperature, light intensity and humidity are monitored. The test results are compared with the specified standards. After assessing the result the shelf life of the product is established.

On the basis of results, packaging materials and containers are selected for the drug substance. The product can be kept for a long time without compromising its quality.

If you are a manufacturer of a pharmaceutical product you must ensure the quality of your product. Accelerated stability testing has become an essential procedure for product development in the pharmaceutical sector. If you want to introduce a new product in the market you must perform accelerated stability testing to ensure that your product is of good quality and is safe for patients. As a member of a pharmaceutical industry, you must ensure that your product meets the specified standards.

We are a certified lab. Our laboratories are in Delhi, Baddi and Bangalore. We offer Accelerated Stability Testing within your budget. We conduct Accelerated stability testing for pharmaceutical products. We are working with reputed companies. You can rely on our results. We can help you to improve the shelf life of your products. You can contact us. We will be happy to help you. Call us at- +91-8588851888

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