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BIS Renews Lab Recognition for Arbro Testing Laboratory

Our testing labs have been granted renewal from the Bureau of Indian Standards, Central Laboratory, under the BIS Laboratory Recognition Scheme, 2018 for a period of three years from 15 January 2020 to 14 January 2023.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), is the National Standards Body of India, and is a leader in all matters concerning Standardization, Certification, and Quality.

BIS is responsible for the quality check of various products and services so as to safeguard consumers from several health and safety hazards. The BIS recognition under Laboratory Recognition Scheme is a badge of honor for our testing labs and a responsibility and commitment to provide testing services that enhance the value of all products that we test and analyze in our laboratory.

The BIS recognition is renewed only after BIS has been fully satisfied by the performance of our services and after they have carried out their complete audit of our laboratories, through a team of highly qualified personnel.

We would like to assure you that our labs are fully equipped to carry out accurate, reliable and reproducible analysis of various products.

As an ISO 17025 accredited food testing Lab, we are dedicated to provide you the assurance of qualitative and timely service for all your compliance solutions. 

How to get BIS Certification in India?

BIS Certification is a means for providing third party guarantee of quality, safety and reliability of products to the customer. BIS Certification is voluntary in nature; however, the Government of India has made BIS certification mandatory for certain products taking public health into consideration.

Bureau of Indian Standards

BIS Certification is provided in India by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the National Standards Body has been successfully promoting and nurturing standards movement within the country since 1947. BIS came into existence in 1987 through an Act of Parliament. BIS is involved in various activities like standards formulation, certification of products, hallmarking, testing and calibration scheme and more.

BIS Product Certification Scheme

BIS product Certification Scheme is one of the largest in the world. BIS Certification allows the licenses to use the popular ISI mark on their product, which is synonymous with quality products. As per Government notification, 90 products are mandatorily required to have BIS certification. BIS also operates Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme under which overseas manufacturers can be granted license to use the BIS Standard Mark.

Types of BIS Certification Schemes

BIS Certification is provided in India for products under different types of schemes as follows:

Normal Procedure for Domestic Manufacturers 

The applicant is required to submit the BIS Certification application with required documents and requisite fee. After submitting the application, a preliminary factory evaluation is carried out by a BIS officer. Then samples are tested in the factory and also drawn for independent testing. BIS certification is provided if the sample is acceptable. In this method, BIS Certification is expected to be granted within 4 months of submission of application.

Simplified Procedure for Domestic Manufacturers 

In the simplified procedure, the applicant submits a test report of the sample from a BIS approved lab along with an application for BIS Certification. If the test report is satisfactory, then a verification of the factory premises is carried out by a BIS Officer. BIS Certification is granted if the verification of BIS Officer is satisfactory. Under this method, a license is expected to be granted within 30 days of submission of BIS Certification application with the required documents and test report.

ECO Mark Scheme

 BIS License for eco-friendly products is granted in a scheme separate from the normal BIS Certification process. Eco-friendly products should conform to additional requirements specified in the Indian Standards to qualify for the ECO mark. The procedure for grant of license is however similar to that of Domestic Manufacturers scheme. 

We are dedicated to provide you the assurance of qualitative and timely service for all your compliance solutions. Contact us for all your laboratory testing requirements.


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As an ISO 17025 accredited food testing Lab, Arbro is dedicated to providing you the assurance of qualitative and timely service for all your compliance solutions. Do contact us for your laboratory testing requirements at +9111- 45754575 or use the online contact form and we will get back to you with a proposal.

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