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International Meet on Ayurveda Organized by Arbro

International Meet on Ayurveda
International Meet on Ayurveda at Arbro 11th December 2011

Arbro Analytical Division has organized a meeting on 5th December 2011 with a team of Indian and International delegates for interactions on a possible way forward of Ayurvedic medicines in SEA countries.

The International team headed by Dr. (TCM) Ond Eng Teck; program Director (Dip. Acupuncture, Cert. Ayurveda, Adv. Cert in Tui-Na Beijing University of TCM) based in Singapore and practicing for TCM, Acupuncture, and Ayurveda.

Dr. Ong is earnestly trying to support  Ayurveda as an alternative medicine in Singapore. With this mission he has traveled different parts of India extensively, to explore the feasibility of support from India.

The key points addressed in the meeting, about the Roles & Responsibilities of Arbro, followed by An Introduction of Capabilities of Arbro to support this Dream Project of Dr. Ong. Dr. Ong shared his expectation from Indian Possible Partners.

Arbro solicits the valuable time and contribution to bringing Ayurvedic System of medicines as the first choice among alternative medicines at International platform through SEA countries. It is overwhelming that Singapore as a country has taken a lead to establish this, which is based on our thousand years old treasure of knowledge in the form of Ayurveda through our Quality Ayurvedic Medicines to provide a safeguard to the human being.

Representatives from leading Ayurvedic companies from India participated in the meet and shared their views and expertise. Representatives from Basic Ayurveda, Bliss Ayurveda, Shree Baidyanath,  Samhita Organics, Vaidrishi, Petlad agreed to support this initiative and working for a standard platform to harmonize the procedure.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Arora chairman of the Arbro Group assured his full cooperation and lead the initiative at the front. Dr. Saurabh and Dr. Roopak shared their technical and regulatory expertise to help to exporters in quality and regulatory issues.

This is an enthusiastic step taken by the group and committed to making a long journey in this regard.

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