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Hand Sanitizer Testing Services

Table of Contents

Hand Sanitizer Testing Services
Hand Sanitizer Testing Services

Hand Sanitizer Testing Services play a crucial role in ensuring the supply of a sufficient quantity of quality hand sanitizers. The corona-virus COVID-19 pandemic has led to our Huge demand for Quality hand sanitizers and there is a shortage for hand sanitizer in a number of areas around the world. 

This huge demand has put a lot of pressure on the hand sanitizer manufacturers and supply chain and it is very important to monitor and control the quality of ingredients used in the hand sanitizers as well as the quality of the final product.

To support the various manufacturers of hand sanitizers our Laboratories across India have been extending hand sanitizer testing services to all the manufacturers.

Hand Sanitizer Testing Services  

We offer a complete array of hand sanitizer testing services including –

  1. Purity testing of raw materials like alcohol, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide
  2. The alcohol content in intermediate and final products by Gas Chromatography
  3. Pharmacopoeial testing of thickness and other excipients 
  4. Antimicrobial activity against bacteria 
  5. Antifungal activity against fungus
  6. Antiviral activity against indicative viruses
  7. Physicochemical testing of hand sanitizer properties like residue
  8. The viscosity of hand sanitizer gel
  9. Testing of hand sanitizer packing material
  10. Shelf-life studies for hand sanitizers 

Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer Testing Services 

We are also offering hand sanitizer testing services for non-alcoholic or alcohol-free hand sanitizers Such as antimicrobial activity and anti viral activity and also assay of the active ingredients such as benzalkonium chloride or other actives which are added to the product.

Herbal Hand Sanitizer Testing Services 

We also have expertise in testing of herbal hand sanitizers which involves the estimation of alcohol content and other parameters similar to the chemical hand sanitizer as well as identity and concentration of added herbs through the quantification of the marker compounds and chromatographic fingerprinting. Herbal hand sanitizers are a very big Market segment but require equally close quality control as compared to their pharmaceutical counterparts. 

Facilities for Hand Sanitizer Testing 

Testing of hand sanitizer requires a variety of testing equipment and specialized facilities. Our laboratories or equipped with the complete infrastructure for testing hand sanitizer.

We are equipped with specialized equipment like –

  1. Gas chromatographs for analyzing the purity of the alcohol used and also monitoring the trace amount of toxic impurities and organic solvents. Gas chromatography is also used for testing the concentration of your hexagon if added to the hand sanitizer 
  2. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) for testing the concentration of active ingredients like antimicrobial agents, which are added to the hand sanitizers.
  3. Viscometers for measuring the viscosity and the hand field and flow of the hand sanitizers.
  4. HPTLC for chromatographic fingerprinting to identify added herbal ingredients in the hand sanitizer.
  5. Microbiology lab facilities are used for establishing the antimicrobial activity for making claims, like kills. 99.99% of bacteria or kills viruses.
  6. Karlfisher titrator for water content in alcohol and other ingredients. 
  7. Digital RI meter for pharmacopoeial testing of solvents.
  8. UV Spectrophotometer for the limit of benzene in Isopropyl alcohol
  9. We have extensive stability testing infrastructure including stability chambers for storing samples, which helps us to establish the shelf life of the products.
  10. ICP MS for testing heavy metals in the ingredients and products.
  11. Leak test apparatus, tensile and compressive strength testing for packaging material testing. 
  12. Tintometer for colour measurement for ensuring the colour of the product from batch to batch. 

Our Laboratories in New Delhi, Baddi and Bangalore are working through the lock own as we are part of essential services and we are helping all our customers ensure the supply of across India and around the world. 

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