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Arbro put up ‘Mobile Food Tesing Lab’ at Auto Expo ‘2014


Arbro put up ‘Mobile Food Tesing Lab’ at Auto Expo ‘2014
Arbro put up ‘Mobile Food Testing Lab’ at Auto Expo ‘2014

Arbro Pharmaceuticals (Analytical Division) staged a ‘mobile food testing laboratory’ to facilitate food testing at the 12th Auto Expo which was concluded on 12th Feb. 2014. The mobile testing lab was set up to examine the food items being served during the exhibition by different food vendors. The laboratory was equipped with the required instruments to supervise food articles on elementary testing parameters and was put up along with the food stalls at the event.


Auto Expo ’14 was the mega motor show where the domestic and international players like Maruti, Ford, Hyundai, Tata Motors, Toyota, Mitsubishi, BMW, Mercedes, Renault and others exhibited their new models. The show was successfully ended with the positive comments and by leaving signs of encouragement for the auto sector.

The team at the Arbro’s mobile food testing laboratory randomly picked the food samples and they carried on-spot analysis on the safety and hygienic parameters. The mobile lab also helped the individuals who came for the hands-on food testing to check if the food was safe to eat.

The aim of the mobile food testing lab was to inspect the food articles on the basic testing parameters and a special arrangement was also in place for the detailed analysis at Arbro’s main facility. The mobile food testing lab was working in compliance to the FSSAI’s mission to provide safe and hygienic food to the people. Arbro offered its services for seven days in a joint initiative with TFS to ensure that safe and secure food should be served to the people.

The seven days investigation reveals that the food items were neither found to be unsafe for human consumption nor any complaints recorded by the audience on the quality of food. The students from AMITY also participated in the exercise of sampling and testing of food articles.

About Arbro:

Arbro Laboratory has been identified among top 5 national level labs in India for offering the competent quality services to its clients. The laboratory is equipped with all the required instruments and is operated by a team which is experienced in the analysis of food testing, using techniques like HPLC, HPTLC, GCMC, LCMSMS and chemical analysis. Arbro is FSSAI approved and is accredited by NABL.

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