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Purity of Ghee – Accuracy test by Butyro Refractometer (BR) meter

Purity of Ghee – Accuracy test by Butyro Refractometer (BR) meter
Purity of Ghee – Accuracy test by Butyro Refractometer (BR) meter

Butyro Refractometer (BR) Reading is the index of the purity of foods like ghee, sweets, fats and oils which can be accurately measured with the help of Butyro Refractometer Meter or BR meter. There are several BR meters that are especially designed for accurate reading of composition of butter, ghee and edible oil to check for purity.

The BR value for ghee is supposed to be at 40o C. An increase in the reading above this indicates that the ghee could be adulterated with vegetable oil or animal body fat.

The BR reading will indicate what substance the ghee has been adulterated with by using the refractive index. Refractive index indicates the fundamental physical property by getting a reading of the composition or purity of the sample.

The BR meter is especially used to determine the refractive index of various food substances including ghee. This is because the refractometer can detect even small amounts of added adulterants in ghee. The accurate reading of ghee sample can be carried out by comparing the value of the sample ghee with the standard value.

The BR meter will be able to find the concentration of ghee and to identify other substances by comparing its refractive index value with known values.  BR reading can determine if the ghee has been adulterated with cheaper oils and fats like vegetable oils, animal body fats, hydrogenated fats.  

BR meter give highly accurate readings so as to determine if the ghee sample is within the BR range as provided in the standards. The standards of quality of ghee produced in India vary according to the State or Union Territory and therefore the BR reading can be between 40.0 to 45.0 depending on the state and region.

It is important to get the ghee tested to ensure that the BR value of the product is in compliance with food regulations according to the region. Most manufacturers get their ghee tested as accurate BR reading is necessary to fulfil requirements of food regulations and ensure that ghee is free from adulterants.

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