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New LCMS installed at Auriga, Bangalore

New LCMS installed at Auriga
New LCMS installed at Auriga

Auriga Research, Bangalore has installed a new LCMS (Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) is quick turning into the liked tool and a hyphenated technic of liquid chromatography. It is a powerful technic that consolidates the settling intensity of liquid chromatography with the identification particularity of mass spectrometry. Liquid chromatography (LC) separates the sample parts and at that point acquaints them with the mass spectrometer (MS). The MS makes and distinguishes charged particles. The LC/MS information might be utilized to give data about the sub-atomic weight, structure, identity, and amount of explicit sample parts.

We are equipped with API-300  LC-MS-MS which is operating since 2006 and a Agilent 6410 since 2010 and now Xevo TQ-S . The new Xevo TQ-S micro makes it easier to confidently quantify more analyses using reproducible high acquisition rates with Xcelerated Ion Transfer (XIT).Using RADAR, which enables rapid switching between MS full scan and MS/MS acquisition modes, analysts can understand sample complexity and improve method development.

Our LC-MS-MS are being put to use in following areas

  • Method development and validation
  • Antibiotic residues in food products.
  • Pesticide residues in foods – more than 200 compounds in various matrices
  • Molecular weight estimation
  • Impurity Profiling
  • Cleaning validation studies
  • Bio analytical-BA/BE Studies
  • Proteins

Pleases feel free to contact us if you need to uses a LCMSMS for sample analysis.

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