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Perkin Elmer Spectrum II FT-IR Installed in our Delhi laboratory

Spectrum II FT- IR with ATR accessory in sample compartment
Spectrum II FT- IR with ATR accessory in the sample compartment

FT-IR is a proven material characterization technique. The latest version Perkin Elmer Spectrum II FT-IR has been introduced recently in our Delhi laboratory. The instrument is a replacement for the earlier JASCO make FT-IR which had outlived its service life.

Perkin Elmer is a renowned global manufacturer of analytical instruments with an acclaimed range of spectroscopic analysis instruments, such as Atomic Absorption Spectrometers, ICP’s, UV-Visible Spectrometers and FT-IR Spectrometers. The FT-IR range of instruments has an impressive installed base in academic and commercial testing laboratories.

The new instrument has a unique capability of operation in both in laboratory and field environments through multiple power options. It can be transferred between locations with ease of installation at end-user locations because of its stable and rugged design features. The vast range of add-on accessories can extend its capability to several other application areas.

The Perkin Elmer unique COMPARE built-in algorithm permits PASS/FAIL threshold settings thereby permitting instant PASS or FAIL decisions to be taken on acceptance or rejection of raw materials or finished products even by laymen operators. Fast scanning enables studies on reaction kinetics and monitoring of manufacturing processes for taking timely corrective actions

Application areas

Spectrum II FT-IR can be relied upon for delivering results under strictly regulated environments for testing and approval of raw materials and finished products.


The model features 21CFR Part 11 compliant Spectrum 10 software. It provides repeatable and accurate analysis of pharmaceutical formulations for the identification of active ingredients, contaminants, and impurities. It is also a reliable tool for the evaluation of counterfeit products and substances of abuse.

Research Samples

A host of available accessories permit analysis of research samples received in various states such as solid powders, pellets, liquids, gels, slurries, thin films, etc

Polymeric Materials

Spectrum II FT-IR is a convenient tool for identification and quantization of polymeric materials and additives. The ATR accessory helps to understand the crystal and polymer chain orientations in solid polymers and films. An accessory is a useful tool for rapid testing of pharma and food packaging materials and for pharma formulations comprising of nano-sized ingredients.

Environmental Monitoring

The facility is useful for rapid monitoring of environmental contaminants such as hydrocarbons in industrial wastewater streams. Such hydrocarbons can result from petroleum residues, oil and grease content in waters and soils.

In service monitoring of lubricating oils

Spectrum II FT-IR offers a quick and low-cost option for evaluation of useful remaining life of lubricating oils in engines and construction and mining equipment. The methods are based on standards laid down by ASTM and JOAP. The compact size and field operation capabilities make the Spectrum II FT-IR a viable and useful tool for operation in harsh industrial environments.

The range of available add-on accessories, user-friendly single-touch operation, and software make the system a useful tool in the hands of experts as well as novices for routine as well as specialized applications.

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