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Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyser installed in Bangalore laboratory

Total Organic Carbon (TOC)  Analyser introduced in Bangalore lab

Total Organic Carbon analysis gives the amount of carbon present in the sample- both inorganic and organic. It is a popular technique for prediction of pollution levels in different types of water, such as, drinking water, lakes, rivers, industrial discharges, cooling water, water used for manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, foods, etc. In addition, it finds application in analysis of soils and rocks for prospecting of oil before drilling operations are undertaken.TOC analysis finds an important role in environmental studies concerning health-related issues.

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyser
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyser

Auriga Research has successfully installed  Shimadzu Model L-CPH TOC analyzer in its Bangalore laboratory. The key features of the system are highlighted:

  • Combustion at 6800C in the oxygen-rich environment in Pt filled catalyst tubes liberates carbon present as CO2 eliminating the need for pre-treatment of a sample.
  • Carbon dioxide is detected using NDIR detector with the sensitivity of 4μg/l and having a range up to 30,000mg/l. The detector provides the highest sensitivity available with catalytic oxidation method. The method is applicable to all types of water ranging from ultrapure to highly contaminated samples.

Automated Sample Injection

Autosampler greatly enhances the productivity of analysis. Automatic dilution reduces acidity and alkalinity of samples thereby extending the lifespan of catalyst and combustion tubes. Priority samples can be analyzed during any stage of operation. In case concentration is beyond the testing limit of the instrument auto dilution is initiated as per USP 661.2 requirements.

Regulatory  compliance

Meets pharmacopoeial  compliance  of USP 643, IP, BP, WHO, JP for testing of water specimens

In-built ultrapure water trap

Inbuilt ultrapure water trap helps to process ultrapure water processed automatically within the system.

 The installed make enjoys 70% of market share globally and Shimadzu enjoys over 80% market share of systems installed in India.

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