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Testing lab for sugar analysis using ICUMSA methods

Arbro is a leading contact testing lab in India offering comprehensive testing and inspection services for the sugar industry and other agricultural commodities and produce. The laboratory is accredited NABL as per ISO/IEC 17025 and approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards, APEDA, and various other regulatory bodies. Over the years Arbro has been closely working with the sugar industry, offering a comprehensive range of testing lab services. Arbro carries out analysis of raw sugar, white sugar, specialty sugars, molasses, sugar cane, sugar beet and various intermediate products for the sugar mills. The laboratory chemist is well versed with various methods followed in the sugar industry including the method laid down by the International Commission for uniform methods of sugar analysis (ICUMSA), BIS, PFA and various pharmacopeia.

ICUMSA is a global organization which brings together the activities of the National committee for sugar analysis in more than 30 member countries. The ICUMSA Methods Book contains Methods which are commonly used in the world’s sugar industry and are offered in pursuance of the objects of the Commission to provide an information service to members. In addition, there are other users and ICUMSA Methods are recognized by authorities such as the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the OIML, the EU and the US Food Chemicals Codex. The first edition of the ICUMSA Methods Book was published in 1994. The last edition of the ICUMSA Methods Book was published in 2011.

Tests carried out in the laboratory broadly include –

  1. Polarization, Sucrose
  2. Reducing sugars.
  3. Color
  4. Dry substances and moisture.
  5. Inorganic substances.
  6. Organic non-sugar.
  7. Physical properties.
  8. Microbiological parameters

Arbro also offers extensive testing lab solutions to meet the requirements of the export market, such as-

  1. Pesticide Residue Analysis
  2. Heavy Metals Analysis
  3. Non-GMO certification

The testing lab is equipped with highly sophisticated instruments and has a skilled and dedicated team, which can offer solutions to even the most complex analytical problems you might face. Contact us today with your requirements and our experts will get back to you with a customized solution.

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  1. this icumsa method is very important because in this method we know the various proparties material of sugar product

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