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Programmable Kjeldahl-Destillation Systems With Titration

Kjeldahl Apparatus


This system uses an integrated titration system for precise analysis for the sophisticated, fully automated laboratory. User-friendliness and safety have been top priorities in the development of this system. Profiting from the experiences of agencies and clients around the world Gerhardt has collected information and suggestions. The outcome of this vast project is a fully automated distillation and titration system that combines the technology of the 21st century with the experience of such a traditional and prestigious company as Gerhardt. VAPODEST50s offers state-of-the-art developments for laboratories who value complete automation.

  • Addition for H3BO3
  • Addition for H2O
  • Addition for NaOH
  • Reaction time
  • Distillation time can be set
  • Programmable steam power, 40 – 100 %
  • Time for suction of sample residue can be set
  • Titration
  • Calculation
  • The final result is as % Protein content

VAPODEST-Manager – Controlled via PC

VAPODEST-Manager is a powerful software, which meets all requirements of a modern laboratory management. The software controls and monitors the entire distillation process and offers versatile possibilities for documentation and keeping a log book.

  • Overview of all functions at any time
  • Diagnosis functions for the optimal distillation process
  • Fast overview of all steps of the distillation
  • Option to create your own program libraries
  • Data exchange with all current spreadsheet programs

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