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Water Testing: Packaged Natural Mineral Water (IS: 13428)

Packaged Natural Mineral Water (IS: 13428)
Packaged Natural Mineral Water (IS: 13428)

Natural Mineral Water is obtained directly from natural or drilled sources from underground water-bearing strata for which all possible precautions are taken within the protected perimeters to avoid any pollution of, or external influence on the chemical and physical qualities. Its source is characterized by its content of certain mineral salts and their relative proportions and the presence of trace elements or of other constituents; of the constancy of its composition and the stability of its discharge and its temperature, due account being taken of the cycles of minor natural fluctuations.

The water is collected under conditions which guarantee the original microbiological purity and chemical composition of essential components. It is packaged close to the point of emergence of the source with particular hygienic precautions and it is not subjected to any treatment other than those permitted and stipulated by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Treatments permitted include separation from unstable constituents, such as compounds containing iron, manganese, sulfur or arsenic, by decantation and/or filtration, if necessary, accelerated by previous aeration. The permitted treatments may only be carried out on condition that the mineral content of the water is not modified in its essential constituents, which give the water its properties. Only simple mechanical filtrations which do not change the composition of the source water are permitted. Processes like Reverse Osmosis, Active Carbon Bed etc. are not permitted. The transport of natural mineral waters in bulk containers for packaging or for any other process before packaging is prohibited. Disinfection through any means is not permitted for Natural Mineral Water.

The various parameters like color, odor, taste, turbidity, pH, total dissolved solids, and the levels of various minerals should be within specified limits as fixed by the BIS for Packaged Natural Mineral Water (IS 13428).

We have a state-of-the-art laboratory that is NABL accredited and approved by FSSAI & BIS for testing the quality of Packaged Natural Mineral Water (IS 13428). Our dedicated team of scientists are well conversed with the latest techniques and instrumentation for the testing of Packaged Natural Mineral Water (IS 13428) on a regular basis.

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