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LIMS Access

LIMS Access Log in to our web base Laboratory Information Management System – to submit samples, track progress of your sample, see final reports and get copies of invoices.

Rapid Turn Around Time and reliable results are most important when you send us a sample. To achieve these goals we have fully automated our business process by implementing a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) in all our Testing Labs.

The LIMS helps us offer a host of advantages compared to a manual process such as –

  • Acknowledgement on receiving the sample – when we get a sample and it is logged in our system you receive a confirmation with all the sample details and the tests to be performed. This keeps you updated and also gives you an opportunity to make any corrections in the test request before samples are taken up for analysis.
  • Specification management – once we get your sample a specification is created specific to your product which includes the tests, test methods, limits and references to standard specifications. This helps us ensure that the same specifications are followed every time you send us the sample.
  • Bar-coding of samples – all samples and requests received in our testing lab are bar-coded for enhanced traceability in the lab. Every sample is given a unique code that is used through out the life of the sample in the lab. At each step the code must be scanned in to the LIMS at the time of entry to avoid any cross entry between samples.
  • Internal sample management – the LIMS is used to distribute the samples in the lab and to track the progress on testing. Every scientist in the lab has a login and a dedicated dashboard where they can see all the samples and tests they have to perform and also enter the results in to the LIMS.
  • Generation and printing of certificate of analysis – once the sample has been tested and the data reviewed the COA is automatically generated without the need for any manual entry of data. Predefined templates are used to generate the test reports ensuring the reproducibility in the reports formats and information contained.
  • Alerts on report dispatch – once the reports are dispatched the LIMS sends an alert with the details of th reports dispatched and the mode of dispatch including courier tracking details.
  • Dedicated client dashboard – clients are given a login where all samples can be tracked and the live status is available reducing the need for calling the customer success team for updates.

This same process is followed for all the samples received in our testing lab in Delhi, testing lab in Bangalore and testing lab in Baddi.

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