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QMS PT Results for Salmonella in Skimmed Milk Powder

ARBRO Pharmaceuticals Limited recently participated in the Quality in Microbiology Proficiency Test Scheme (QMS – PT) MC6123 which was organized by LGC Limited which is the UK based, international life sciences measurement and testing company.

We are happy to report that our QMS – PT results were declared as satisfactory. Out of a number of laboratories that performed the lab test worldwide our testing laboratory was one of those that were able to carry out the proficiency test in a satisfactory manner. Our result had no questionable or unsatisfactory remarks.

milk powder
milk powder

Out of the various samples sent to the laboratories, ARBRO analytical Division received the sample 06D which was 25g of skimmed milk powder for detection of Salmonella Thompson Citrobacter freundii. Our testing lab was successfully able to detect the presence of Salmonella species in the sample. Our result showed a score of 94.6% which was declared by LGC as a satisfactory result.

Salmonella testing

The Salmonella species can cause severe foodborne illnesses by ingesting contaminated foods especially of animal origins like chicken, pork, eggs, and milk.  Salmonella bacteria live in the intestinal tract of infected animals and humans and can be transmitted through the feces. Salmonella is cable growing in a wide range of temperatures from 6 – 46oC but optimum growth is in temperatures between 32 – 37°C.

The increasing demand for street foods and minimally processed, ready-to-eat products has also increased the need for food safety from microbial infections. Therefore microbiological testing of pathogens like salmonella becomes important as the food product must have salmonella contamination which is below the regulatory standards for that food product. Analyzing uncooked and raw foods is also necessary to ensure that food supply is safe and to prevent outbreaks of salmonella infections that can sometimes be fatal especially in infants, elderly and pregnant women.

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