Table of Contents

Shaving soap & Hair oil


Hair Oil
Hair Oil


Material Test



Tests Performe


Test Method


Shaving soap

Moistures & volatiles

IS: 5784-2001


Matter insoluble in alcohols



Free caustic alkali






Unsaponified matter



Total fatty matter



Titre of fatty acids






Rosin acids


Nail Polish

Non-volatile matter

IS: 9245-1994


Drying time



Adhesion test



Scratch test



Blush test



Heavy metals (Lead)





Hair oil

Acid value



IS: 7123-1993


Lip Salve (As per JSS 6840-6)

Solubility in Chloroform and Toluene

JSS 6840-6


Lanolin test

Appendix A


Saponification Value

Appendix B


Temperature Effect at 35 ± 2 Deg C.

Appendix C


Nature of film and application at

Appendix D


(-30 Deg. C.)



(35 Deg. C)










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