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ARBRO Results for PHARMASSURE Pharmaceutical PT Scheme

ARBRO Pharmaceuticals Limited recently participated in PHARMASSURE – Pharmaceutical PT Scheme PH0106 which was organized by LGC Limited which is a UK based international life sciences measurement and testing company.

The samples provided by LGC were of three types where the participating testing labs could choose to do basic chemical testing, advanced chemical testing and microbiological testing. The sample selected by ARBRO Pharmaceutical Ltd was in the advanced chemical testing category and in this round too we achieved satisfactory results as we had no unsatisfactory or questionable results.

pharmaceutical testing
pharmaceutical testing

ARBRO got samples of 1 x 0.1g lidocaine HCl reference standard (purity 100%), 1 x 0.3mL 2,6-dimethylaniline reference standard (purity 100%), 1 x 10mL sample A. Arbro testing lab sent the report four analytes as follows

  • Lidocaine HCI for which we got a result of 0.505 against the assigned value of 0.506
  • Retention time – Lidocaine HCI for which our result was 3.4 but the assigned value was not available
  • 2,6-dimethylaniline for which we got a result of 0.0203 against the assigned value of 0.0200
  • Retention time – 2,6- dimethylaniline for which we had a result of 14.9 but the assigned value was not available

Since assigned values were not available for two out of the four advanced chemical testing carried out by Arbro testing lab hence LGC could declare a satisfactory result for only two of the four tests we performed.

Pharmaceutical testing

With the advent of globalization innovations in prescription drugs and the launch of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements has given rise to the need to bring out new products quickly but safely.  There is a requirement for world-class pharmaceutical testing to validate compliance with regulatory requirements.

ARBRO Pharmaceuticals Limited has a number of laboratories that specialize in a range of chemical and microbiological analysis. We deliver analytical solutions that can ensure the safety and effectiveness of raw materials as well as pharmaceutical products.

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