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Pesticides in Fruits, Slow poisoning by slack standards


We have recently conducted a survey on the levels of pesticides found in fruits sold in major metros of India. The survey was conducted by Consumer Voice which is a consumer organization working towards protecting consumer rights by creating synergy between technological advances, traditional knowledge, and right policies through its educational and research activities. As part of the survey 80 samples of 17 varieties of imported and domestically produced fruits were analyzed for 106 pesticides. The results are alarming as 61 failures were reported when the results were compared against the EU limits. Pesticides like Captain and Methyl Parathion were detected in a number of samples. Endosulfan was detected at alarming levels in a sample of cherries. The full report is published in Consumer Voice magazine and on their website. Arbro conducted the sample analysis free of cost to promote awareness about the important issue of Pesticide Residues in the food we consume each day. In November the second part of this study focused on Vegetables will be published.

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