Increase customer loyalty by getting your food tested at a Food Lab


As a restaurateur/caterer/hotelier, you must be aware that food quality is one of the most important factors that increase customer loyalty. But how do you know you are providing quality food?  You provide quality food when you

  • buy raw materials and ingredients from licensed vendors
  • ensure that your milk and dairy supplies come from licensed vendors
  • employ staff that are properly trained and who follow personal hygiene as prescribed in Schedule 4 of the FSSA, 2006
  • get your food and water tested for adulterants, contaminants, toxins, etc.

Having the insights about your customers’ needs can help you match them. It is very reassuring for consumers to know that as a responsible FBO you are meeting all requirements of the FSSAI regulations.

When customers know that the restaurant meets the food safety and regulatory standards they are happy to patronize the place because their chances of contracting any foodborne or waterborne disease become remote. They will not only come again but would recommend you to others.

The same rule applies to retailers, food processors, producers or manufacturers. Safety of food products has become a priority for consumers and most food business operators have recognized this consumer sentiment because it increases loyalty. Consumers prefer to buy those food products which they perceive as being regularly monitored for the following contaminants

  • chemical
  • microbiological
  • environmental

Their loyalty will remain with you when they know that your company has a well-established food safety programme in place especially if health is at risk. The food testing can be carried out on raw materials, the product during its processing and production, as well as the finished products.

As a food manufacturer, food testing laboratories help your brand to develop new products right from start to finish. Food labs test food ingredients for contaminants like heavy metals, Naturally Occurring Toxic Substances, pesticide residues, colors, flavors, correct fortification, shelf life etc. Section. 19 of the Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006 clearly states that a food article shall only contain approved additives.

Sections 20 & 21 of FSSA indicate that food articles should be free from contaminants & insecticides or their presence should be within the prescribed limits.

The non-standardized food products would be governed under Section 22 of the Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006 and a prior approval is required from the food authority. Once consumers are aware of the fact that as a novel food manufacturer you have followed all regulatory guidelines they will be as eager to try out your new product because they will perceive it as safe.

Display of analysis reports

Letting your audience see for themselves the analysis reports from the food testing lab helps them to regard you as a responsible business and increases loyalty. Displaying these reports on your social media, brand website or e-commerce platform is a positive step that helps to increase consumer trust in your brand.

Once your online audience sees for themselves the displayed analysis and safety reports they immediately know the food is safe and tested. For your online audience, you could display

Other services that increase customer loyalty

Food testing labs have other services that you can make use of to increase customer base or loyalty. Food labs make sure commodities, food ingredients, and food products:

  • Are fully in compliance with Food Safety and Standards Act, Rules and Regulations
  • Protect brand reputation by ensuring the delivery of healthy and safe food
  • Protect consumers from any contaminated, substandard and unhealthy food.
  • Ensure food products are correctly stored, packed, shipped and distributed
  • Inspections of suppliers, exports, retailers
  • Audits, self-monitoring assistance
  • consumer evaluations

For the food industry, the safety of the food supply must remain a high priority and they must continuously upgrade their food safety programme. Food testing labs can monitor their effectiveness especially in the face of new safety challenges.

As a member of the food service industry if you would like to meet new food safety challenges or product development monitoring do give us a chance to be of assistance.

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