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GMO Detection Proficiency Test Results

With growing global regulations and control on the production and sale of food products containing Genetically Modified Organisms, there is a need for validated and reliable testing methods.  Arbro Analytical Division has developed and validated Real-Time PCR based method for the detection of GMO’s in various agricultural products like rice, maize, corn, sesame, soya, potato etc.

GMO Detection
GMO Detection

The test can detect GMO content at levels as low as 0.1 % and is suitable for Non-GMO certification of products. The performance of our test has been further established by our successful participation in an International Proficiency Test program “GeMMA Proficiency Test GeMSU40 in 100% Maize Flour” conducted by FAPAS, The Food and Environment Research Agency. A total of 23 labs from 13 countries participated in the Proficiency Test.  The results submitted by our lab were found to be satisfactory as we successfully detected the presence of GMO in the samples. This achievement places our lab in a group of elite international labs that have the proven capability to test and certify commodities for GMO status.

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