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Infant Milk Substitutes


Infant Milk
Infant Milk


Material Test



Tests Performe


Test Method


Infant Milk Substitutes (Milk Protein Based) (IS: 14433)


IS: 11623, IS: 4684

& Milk –cereal Based Weaning foods (IS:1656),



Dairy whitener (IS:12299)

Total solids

IS: 13334-98

Protein –Rich Food Supplements For Infants and Preschool children,



Skimmed Milk Powder


IS: 11766, IS: 1165

Skimmed Milk Powder, Condensed Milk,



Partly Skimmed and skimmed Condensed Milk, and Milk Powder,

Milk Protein

IS: 4684, IS: 7219-73

Malted Milk Food, Malt Based food

Milk Fat

IS: 11721, IS: 4684,



IS: 11762, IS: 1656



IS: 14433, IS: 1165


Total Ash



Acid Insoluble Ash

IS: 5886-70


Vitamin A, micro gram /100 gm

IS: 5838


Vitamin C, mg/100 gm

IS: 14433 (P


Iron, mg/100gm

IS: 12070


Lead, mg/Kg

IS: 11124


Arsenic, mg/kg

IS: 2860 (17)


Tin, mg/kg

IS: 5838



IS: 1699 (15)-95



IS: 5949



IS: 12756-1979


Iodine, mcg/100gm

IS: 7224 (A-2)-85



IS: 1699(15)-1995



IS: 3025(35)-1998



IS: 1699(15)-1995



IS: 12760



IS: 12760


Chloride, mg/100gm

IS: 11763-1986



IS: 5949-1990


Total Carbohydrates, %

IS: 1656


Crude Fibre

IS: 10226(P-1)-82


Dietary Fibre

IS; 11062-1984


Added Vitamin D, mg/100gm

IS: 5835-1970


Thiamine , mg/100gm

IS: 5398-69


Nicotinamide, mcg/100gm

IS: 5400


Riboflavin, mcg/100gm

IS: 5399


Vitamin B6, mcg/100gm

IS: 7530


Vitamin B12, mcg/100gm

IS: 7529


Folic Acid, mcg/100gm

IS: 7234


Total added sugar

IS; 4079 (Annex. C)


Aflatoxin, mcg/kg

IS: 4684-68



IS: 4874-68


Ascorbic Acid



Insolubility Index, ml

IS: 12759





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