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Food Testing & Analysis – Energy

Food Testing & Analysis - Energy
Food Testing & Analysis – Energy

All living organisms, including humans require energy in order to carry out various physiological functions like metabolism, movement and locomotion, growth, reproduction etc. Humans obtain their energy from the food that is consumed. The energy from the food is extracted through the processes of digestion, absorption and assimilation. Energy is released by both the aerobic and the anaerobic modes of respiration. The ultimate energy currency of the cell is adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is released by cellular respiration by mitochondria, the “power houses” of the cell.

Energy intake is determined by the “macronutrient” content of food. Carbohydrates, fat and protein provide fuel for oxidation in the mitochondria to generate energy as ATP. The energy of food is measured in the unit kilo Joules (kJ), mega Joules (MJ) or kilo calories (kcal). The average energy released by each type of macronutrient is given below:

  • Carbohydrate: 16 kJ (4 kcal/g)
  • Fat: 37 kJ/g (9 kcal/g)
  • Protein: 17 kJ/g (4 kcal/g)

The average daily adult energy requirement in case of a relatively sedentary lifestyle with light work is 8.4 MJ (2000 kcal) for females, and 11.3 MJ (2700 kcal) for males. Therefore, the food intake must match the daily requirements for energy in order to remain in good health.

As per the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labeling) Regulations, 2011, all the packaged food items must contain labels showing the content of nutritional components including energy content. Proper labeling would allow people to take the packaged food items in compliance with their daily energy requirements.

The Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labeling) Regulations, 2011, stresses the fact that if the manufacturer claims that the food product contains special nutritional content by way of enhanced energy content, as in Health Supplements and Energy Drinks, the energy value should be clearly indicated in kcal.

We have the expertise in testing and certifying the food items in compliance with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) Guidelines. We have a professional team of scientists who are experts in testing and analysis of the nutritional content of various types of foodstuffs. We have a comprehensive range of equipment and our testing services include national and international methods and techniques for the analysis of the energy content of food.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory has been identified as one of the top 5 laboratories in the country, and is accredited by NABL, FSSAI, BIS, CDSCO, ISM&H, APEDA, EIC/EIA, and AGMARK.

Please contact us today using the quick query form on the right or by calling us now on +91-11-45754575 to get your food samples tested for energy content.

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