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Food Allergen Testing – Nuts

Food Allergen Testing – Nuts
Food Allergen Testing – Nuts

Nuts are fruits that consists of a hard shell that covers the seed, which is the edible part. In common terms, any hard-walled, edible kernel is referred to as a nut. Nuts are an important source of nutrients for both humans and wildlife. Because nuts generally have a high oil content, they are a highly prized food and energy source.

Nuts contain a relatively large quantity of calories, essential unsaturated and monounsaturated fats including linoleic acid and linolenic acid, vitamins, and essential amino acids. Many nuts are good sources of vitamin E, vitamin B2, folate, fiber, and the essential minerals magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, and selenium.

Nuts used for food, are among the most common food allergens.

Peanut allergy is a type of food allergy due to peanuts. It is different from tree nut allergies. Physical symptoms of allergic reaction can include itching, swelling, eczema, sneezing, asthma, abdominal pain, drop in blood pressure, and cardiac arrest. Anaphylaxis may also occur in severe cases. This is due to an overreaction of the immune system. The only preventive measure is to avoid peanuts.

Tree nut allergy, is due to an overreaction of the immune system to tree nuts like almondsBrazil            nutscashewschestnutsfilberts/hazelnutsmacadamia nuts, pecanspistachiospine nuts, and walnuts. People with tree nut allergy are seldom allergic to just one type of nut, and are therefore usually advised to avoid all tree nuts, even though an individual may not be allergic to all varieties of tree nuts. This allergy is usually life-long.

It is always recommended that an FBO should keep the consumer informed by appropriate mentioning of the list of ingredients with a clear indication of possible allergens. FSSAI has issued guidelines on the standard parameters for testing & analysis of Nuts.

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