COVID19 Testing at Kempegowda International
Airport, Bengaluru


Book for Testing at the Airport Terminal

COVID19 Test by RT-PCR is now available at Kempegowda International Airport using PerkinElmer High Throughput RT-PCR giving results in 24 hours and Abbott ID NOW giving confirmatory results in just 30 minutes.

Note:  There can be a delay of 1 to 2 hours for the Sampling or Reporting based on the number of passengers during peak hours.

Rapid RT-PCR is not available for passengers arriving from UK

Please feel free to call the numbers below for support at the Airport


Most frequent questions and answers

The COVID19 testing center is located in the terminal and is accessible from both inside and outside the terminal. Passengers departing from the terminal will see it towards the right of exit gate behind café coffee day. For the outside it is close to gate number 12 in a ticketing counter. 

RTPCR reports will be issued within 24 hours from time of testing. Reports by Rapid PCR that is Abbott ID Now will be issued within 30 minutes from time of testing.There can be a delay of 1 to 2 hours for the sampling or reporting based on the number of passengers during peak hours

The charges for Rapid RTPCR are ₹ 4500 + 400 INR and RTPCR are ₹ 800 + 400 INR including ₹ 400 INR as collection charges .  

No, Unfortunately currently we are not accepting advance bookings please visit at the terminal to get your sampling and testing done.

For most travel destinations a COVID19 test report within the last 72 hours is considered valid.