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Fineness (Blaine)

IS: 4031 (P-2)-1999

(As per IS: 455-1989)


IS: 4031 (P-4)-1988

(Reaff: 2000)

(As per IS: 1489 (p-1)-1991

Setting Time

IS: 4031 (P-5)-1988

(Reaff: 2000)

(As per IS: 1489 (P-2):1991

Soundness by Le-chatelier method

IS: 4031 (P-3)-1988

(Reaff: 2000)

(As per IS: 8112-1989)

Soundness by Autoclave method

IS: 4031 (P-3)-1988,

(Reaff: 1995)

(As per IS: 12269-1987)

Compressive Strength

IS: 4031 (P-6)-1988

(Reaff: 2000)



IS: 4031 (P-11)-1988 (Reaff: 2000)


Drying Shrinkage

IS: 4031 (P-10)-1988(Reaff: 2000)





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