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Arbro Gets BIS Certification for Edible Oil Testing

Arbro Gets Prestigious BIS Certification for Edible Oil Testing
Arbro Gets Prestigious BIS Certification for Edible Oil Testing

Arbro Analytical Division has obtained the edible oil testing Approval certificate from BIS and is now permitted to carry out edible oil testing in its laboratories

We are proud to announce that Arbro Lab has been granted BIS approval for edible oil testing services. Arbro will now be able to carry out edible oil testing for standards. Arbro has obtained the approval certificate for oil testing under the 2013 laboratories recognition scheme of the Bureau of Indian Standards. Arbro has been approved for the testing of the following seven new products. The Approvals will be valid up to 14 January 2017.

IS Number Product
544: 2014Groundnut Oil
546: 2014Mustard oil
3448: 2014Rice Bran Oil
4276: 2014Soya bean Oil
4277: 2014Sunflower Oil
8361: 2014 Palmolein
14309: 1995 Blended edible veg. oils

The Bureau of Indian Standards has the power to recognize any laboratory in India or any other country for testing samples. BIS can also derecognize laboratories if they do not conform to the guidelines and standards. BIS recognizes testing laboratories that have proven to be technically competent and which perform tests according to the procedures that have been laid down in the Indian Standards.

With the approval of the above seven testing services, Arbro’s  scope of testing services has expanded:

S. No.IS No.Product
01253:1985Edible Common Salt
02269:2013Ordinary and low heat Portland
Cement, 33 Grade
03285:1992Laundry Soap
04455:1989Portland Slag Cement
051005:1992Edible Maize Starch (Corn Flour)
061007:1984Custard Powder
071008:2004Sugar Boiled Confectionary
081011:2002Biscuits: Specification
091061:1997Disinfectant Fluids, Phenolic type
101065:1989Bleaching Powder, Stable
111159:1981 Baking Powder
121165:2002 Milk Powder
131166:1986Condensed Milk, partially skimmed and skimmed condensed milk
141489(Part 1):1991 PPC-Fly Ash Based
151489(Part 2):1991PPC- Calcined Clay Based
161656:2007 Milk cereal based complementary Food
172052:2009 Compounded feeds for Cattle
182124:2000Sodium bicarbonate
192344:1994Flake Type Chewing Tobacco (Zarda)
202888:2004Toilet Soaps
214199:2001Toilet soap Liquids
227021:1973Protein rich food supplements for infant and Pre-School Children
237224:2006Iodized salt, vaccumed iodized salt and refined iodized salt
248112:201343 GR Ordinary Portland Cement
259825:2003Chlorine tablets
2610350:1999Powder Hair dyes
2711536:2007Processed cereal based complementary foods
2812269:201353 Grade Ordinary Portland Cement
2913334(Pt.1):1998Skimmed Milk Powder PT –1, Standard Grade
3013334(Pt.2):2002 Skimmed Milk Powder PT-2, Extra Grade
3113428:2005Packaged Natural Mineral Water
3214433:2007 Infant Milk Substitute
3314543:2004 Packaged drinking water (other than Packaged natural Mineral Water).
3415410:2003Container for Packaging of natural mineral Water and packaged drinking water
3515757:2007Follow-up formula Complementary Foods
36277:2003Galvanised steel sheets
37280:2006Mild steel wire for general Engg. Purpose
38432 (Part 1):1982Mild Steel and medium tensile steel bars
39432 (Part 2): 1982Hard drawn steel wire for concrete reinforcement
401786:2008Cold- twisted steel bars for concrete reinforcement
412062:2006Hot rolled low, medium and high tensile structural steel
424923:1997Hollow steel section for structural use
4315609:2005Polyethylene flexible pouches for packing of natural mineral water & packaged drinking water.
44544: 2014Groundnut Oil
45546: 2014 Mustard oil
463448: 2014Rice Bran Oil
474276: 2014Soya bean Oil
484277: 2014Sunflower Oil
498361: 2014 Palmolein
5014309: 1995 Blended edible veg. oils

Arbro is accredited by (NABL) National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration (ISO/IEC 17025:2005) and ISO 9001:2008 Certified analytical laboratory. They carry out testing in the fields of biological, chemical and mechanical testing. The laboratory has a team of 200 highly qualified and skilled professionals that work at three different locations and offer quality testing services to various industries. Arbro was established in 1990 and it has grown from strength to strength and over the years it has garnered immense experience in pharmaceutical testing, food testing, herbal testing, water testing and testing of constructional material.


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