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Advanced Polarimeter installed in Baddi Laboratory

Anton Paar MCP–200 Modular Circular Polarimeter

Optical activity is an important parameter to specify the purity of mixtures composed of optically active isomers. Mirror image isomers can exhibit different pharmacological effects and toxicities in addition to their ability to rotate the plane of polarized light either in clockwise or anticlockwise direction. A mixture of isomers in equal proportion does not rotate the plane of polarized light at all and is referred to as a racemic mixture. A polarimeter is a device that measures the degree of rotation of a plane of polarized light by a sample comprising optically active components.

A sophisticated Polarimeter- Model MCP-200 from Anton Paar GmBH is installed in our Baddi laboratory. It is being used routinely for making accurate specific optical rotation measurements. The versatility is further extended with its available temperature range from 20 to [latex]45^0[/latex]C and in addition, is able to give sugar level measurements in international sugar scale.

The polarimeter complies with both Pharmacopoeial and 21 CFR 11 requirements. Typical applications include:


Lactose is a sweetener and also serves as a binder for tablets. The specific optical rotation is prescribed for lactose monohydrate in pharmaceutical formulations.

Camphor is a natural flavoring agent and finds use in many cough suppressants and pain relief ointments. L- camphor is toxic whereas naturally occurring D- form is non-toxic. Polarimetric measurements help decide the optimum concentration in such formulations.


Starch is present primarily in grains, maize, potatoes, and cassava. It is an important carbohydrate in common foods and is also used as a binder in pharmaceuticals. Optical rotation studies are helpful in the rapid determination of starch content in addition to the conventional chemical and enzymatic techniques.

The sugar content in alcoholic beverages results in an increase of alcohol content during fermentation. Determination of sugar content is especially useful in establishing the alcohol content of wines. Sucrose addition to grape wine can be monitored using polarimetry.

The range of applications of polarimetry is vast as more and more products are being developed from optically active molecules and we could offer solutions to your analytical requirements.

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